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About Us

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We are a team of eLearning Advisers (ELAs for short) with an eLearning Innovation and Services Manager and Head of Learning Services charting our course, based at the University of Roehampton. We support students in their use of various learning technologies and work with staff to explore ways in which learning technologies may improve student engagement and learning outcomes.

Meet the Team

Nicola Prime

eLearning Innovation and Services Manager


I have worked in both Further and Higher Education for over 10 years and all of my roles have involved e-Learning in some capacity. I am passionate about how new technologies can compliment and enhance learning and teaching.

I very much believe in sharing good practice and I think this is something that the eLearning community is extremely good at. Below is a list of conferences and events that I have presented at:

I hope to be able to raise the profile of eLearning at the University and find new ways in which technology can assist both staff and students.


Aleks Macheta

eLearning Administrator

My interest in eLearning technologies was ignited more than ten years ago while working in the University IT Department.  During that time I had responsibility for administering and maintaining the ‘in house’ VLE, WebCT Campus Edition.  I continued my support for the VLE through its various guises – WebCT  / WebCT Vista (Blackboard) and now in my current role as Moodle Site Administrator, I am involved in the configuration  and administration of Moodle, ensuring the smooth running of the system and its inter-system operations throughout the academic year.

I am enthusiastic about the potentials of learning technologies but recognise that emphasis needs to be placed on pedagogical innovation as the focus that determines which technology should be utilised.

Janice Kiugu

eLearning Adviser (Psychology; Life Sciences; GLION)


Having experienced first-hand the impact technology can have on the learning process. I developed a keen interest in online learning and have since pursued it as a career.

I’ve worked in HE for over 10 years in various capacities exploring ways to make the learning process more interactive and engaging. I’m extremely interested in student generated content and believe there is more we can do to get students generating and sharing content online; giving them the opportunity to engage in ‘deeper learning.’

My role is to support staff and students in using various eLearning technologies and to look for new and creative ways to engage users in the learning process.


Karen Shackleford-Cesare

eLearning Adviser (Dance; Humanities; English and Creative Writing) BA, MSc., MA, FHEA

eLearning Advisor - Karen Shackleford-Cesare
Engaged in a career long quest to facilitate academics and students use of technology to effectively support their learning and teaching. I’ve pursued this mission in various guises at City University London as an IT Training Officer, the University of the West Indies in Jamaica as a Computer Lab Manager and Lecturer in Management Information Systems and now, as an eLearning Advisor in Learning Services at the University of Roehampton. Interests include a fascination with institutional contradictions and their resolution where aspirational goals, around managing assessment online for instance, are undermined by long standing policies and practice. Latest conference presentations:

Latest publication:

Crystal Cooper

Technical Development Manager

formerly eLearning Adviser (Media, Culture and Language; Drama, Theatre and Performance; Business School)

I began my career in education as a secondary teacher. Since completing my MSc in E-Learning Technology, I have been working in further and higher education in a variety of roles with a focus on educational technology. I believe technology has the power to improve teaching and learning, but this can only succeed when it is considered in the context of users and their needs.

I started at Roehampton in February 2015 as the eLearning Adviser for three departments: the Business School; Drama, Theatre and Performance; and Media, Culture and Language. My role was to support staff and students in using Moodle, Mahara and Turnitin. This included identifying ways that technology can support different learning styles and needs, making the student experience richer and education more accessible. In April 2016 I moved to the role of Technical Development Manager, where I am keen to help develop solutions that offer benefits without adding to workload or getting in the way of learning.


Noor Abdulghani

eLearning Adviser (Education; Social Sciences)


I have worked in Education since 2004 and eLearning has always been my passion. I am a teacher qualified, specialising in Web Technologies, VLEs (e.g. Moodle), Joomla, WordPress and Mobile technologies.

My role is to provide support for students and staff using technology to enhance learning, teaching and assessment through blended learning and distance modes of delivery. This involves ensuring that the University’s core system are used effectively including our VLE (Moodle), e-Portfolio system (Mahara) and anti-plagiarism software (Turnitin) as well as a variety of other technology enhanced learning tools.


Karoline Hecker

eLearning Adviser (Partnerships) BA, MSc


Having joined Roehampton in mid-January 2016, I am the latest addition to the eLearning team.
My love affair with Higher Education commenced back in 2009 and I have since worked at four different London HEIs in various capacities and also currently work as a research assistant. In addition, I have gained experience in HR, IT, health and safety, key account and project management as well as primary/secondary education across three different countries.

eLearning technologies have always featured in my work in one way or another and I have come to look at the online learning user experience from a variety of different angles. My role is to provide Moodle and Turnitin support to the University’s collaborative partners, facilitate and boost their engagement with learning technologies. Roehampton’s partnership provision has steadily been expanding and is becoming increasingly significant, so this is an exciting and eventful time to be joining the University. Serving as the eLearning link often flags up potential stumbling blocks in dealings with partners and as a result helps relationships go from strength to strength and smoothen internal processes.

Stef Smith

eLearning Adviser (Media, Culture and Language; Drama, Theatre and Performance; Business School)


Having worked in HE for over 10 years, I joined Roehampton University in July 2016 as eLearning Advisor for the Business School; Media, Culture and Language; and Drama, Theatre and Performance. I provide staff and students with support in their use of educational technologies and to promote the many ways in which they can be used to enrich the teaching and learning experience at Roehampton.

My enthusiasm for the role comes from an interest in exploring how technologies and learning environments can be used to support and enhance teaching and learning activities. In my previous role working within the educational technology team at City University London I supported staff on a range of educational technology and learning environment projects including the support and development of Moodle and Turnitin, use of voting devices, promotion of lecture capture and other multimedia tools and design and evaluation of new learning spaces.