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Missing your modules on Moodle?
Please check that your dashboard filters are allowing you to see all the modules you require. This may mean scrolling to the bottom of your module list and checking to see more modules or clicking on the filter to see whether you’ve set to see All modules. If you still cannot see you modules we advise you to contact your programme administrator to check that you have been allocated to your modules. You can find information on how to contact your programme administrator as well as other useful trouble shooting advice here (IT login required) – https://moodle.roehampton.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=3687
Forgotten your Moodle login details?
Login to Moodle with your IT username and password (do not use your email instead of your username). If you are unable to login to Moodle please contact IT to check your login and if needed to reset your password. The Moodle helpdesk is unable to reset your login details.
How can I find my ePortfolio?
There is a link to ePortfolios at the bottom of the Moodle page. Use your IT username and password to login and click on the My Sites header in the top left corner to find your modules ePortfolio site.
I'm having technical issues when I join a Blackboard Collaborate webinar
Make sure you check the system requirements on the Collaborate guidance page. If it’s your webcam and/or mic that is the issue then you can click on the Collaborate panel (bottom right corner of the page) click on the settings tab and then check your webcam and mic. This test option will provide help if you have problems. Lastly, please ensure you have a good internet connection. Connection can be improved by sitting closer to your internet router or using a hard-wired cable connection. If the guidance and support provided does not resolve the issue please contact the moodle helpdesk.
Which browser do you recommend?
We recommend using either Google Chrome or Firefox for accessing Moodle and most of our other technologies. Please avoid using Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.
I'm having trouble uploading my assignment
Please view our pages on assessment for help and if you are still having trouble contact the Moodle helpdesk (see contact us at teh top of the page) – guidance for online assessment
I can't see where I should submit my assignment
Submission inboxes should normally be in the assessment section at the top of your module site. You can also use the course dashboard to a list activities on the module incl. assessment inboxes (the dashboard is the little cog icons in the top left corner of your module). In the activities list you can click on the assessment options to see a breakdown of all the assessment inboxes on your module. If you still cannot find your inbox please check with your lecturer as it is your lecturer who manages the content within your modules including the assessment inboxes.
The submit paper icon is not available in Turnitin

Welcome to the Getting Started Student Guide.
Here you will find links to our most useful help guides, so you can get started quickly.
If you’d rather explore on your own, you can go straight to the help guide section for Moodle, Turnitin, ePortfolios, ReCap Lecture Capture, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and Blackboard Ally.
If you can’t find what you need, please contact us.


How do I access Moodle?

  • Once you are registered and have been given your IT account login details has been set up and term has started you will be able to access your Moodle account
  • Open an up-to-date web browser (e.g. Firefox or Chrome) and type moodle.roehampton.ac.uk or use the Moodle link via the student portal
  • Enter your IT username (e.g. smitha) and password and click Log In
  • If you’re not able to login to any of the University’s IT systems such as the Student Portal and Moodle, contact IT to check your login details. They can be contacted on 020 8392 3737 or email helpdesk@roehampton.ac.uk.

How do I find my modules?

Once logged in you will be directed to your Moodle Dashboard. The Dashboard shows all of the Moodle modules you are enrolled on including taught modules, department sites and support sites. If you do not have access to the modules you require please check the Can’t See Your Modules page under the Dashboard for more information.

What is on my Moodle Dashboard?

When you first sign in to Moodle you land on your Moodle Dashboard. Your Dashboard has many features to help you easily access the information most important to you including an overview of your modules, timeline, recently accessed modules, calendar, important notices, link to your profile. For more detailed guidance please view the Moodle Dashboard guidance.

How do I navigate Moodle? - Module and Programme sites

From your dashboard you will see links to your modules, programme sites and additional resources such as the Learning Skills Hub.

Your department or programme site is for all students on your course and contains important information regarding your course.

Your modules contain all the relevant information, teaching resources and activities, and assessment information for this module. The modules are looked after by your module convenors and tutors, so if there’s something you can’t find it’s best to ask them. Each module will look slightly different but all will contain announcements, reading lists, weekly resources and assessment information.

My Moodle Profile

All users can make some changes to their profiles such as uploading a profile picture to display in some of the activities in Moodle such as your forum posts. Be aware that if you need to make any name changes then these requests will need to be made via the IT services desk so that your IT account displays the correct name as well as Moodle.

User Profile and Forum Preferences

Getting Started Video Guide

The eLearning Services team supports students and staff use of learning technologies to achieve effective learning solutions that enhance the educational experience at the university. Students can contact our team via the Moodle helpdesk where we offer support on the following technologies;


  Moodle (VLE)

Our virtual learning environment provides online learning resources, communication tools and activities, enabling greater opportunities for students to interact with their lecturers and peers both in and outside of the classroom. The majority of assessment submissions are required to be made via Moodle.

Click here for Moodle guides

  ReCap Lecture Capture

ReCap Lecture Capture allows staff to set automatic recordings of their teaching, capturing both the teaching PC’s output and lecturer’s audio. The recordings provide students with greater accessibility to module content, allowing them to review teaching sessions at their own pace.

View our ReCap guides


ePortfolios, our blogging tool, supports richer and more creative learning opportunities. The system is based on WordPress and can be used to deliver learning activities such as reflective portfolios, group projects and multimedia assessments.

View our ePortfolio guides


Turnitin is a online text-matching software that matches students work to online content incl. other student papers. The tool can be used to assist students in correctly referencing their work before submission. The reports can also be used as supporting evidence within Academic Misconduct Panels.

View our Turnitin guides

  Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Offers an online classroom for remote teaching. with the functionality to share presentation material, including Powerpoints or screen sharing for displaying resources such as multimedia, webpages and applications. Webinar rooms include a collaborative whiteboard, polling tools and group breakout rooms.

View our Blackboard Collaborate guides

   Blackboard Ally

A tool which works seamlessly with Moodle to improve the accessibility of module content. For students it provides alternative versions of files to suit differing needs such as formats that improve reading via assistive technologies, mobile viewing, e-book readers as well as audio files and electronic braille.

View our Blackboard Ally guides

If you cannot find the information that you are looking for on these guidance pages please contact eLearning Services using the information in the footer below.


If you are a student or member of staff at the University of Roehampton please contact us for any eLearning queries.

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