Please find below the 2 best options to share your Panopto videos in Moodle.
Option: 1 - Sharing from your personal folder

This is the easiest option to share your videos in your Moodle module. Please follow the steps below, to avoid getting the grant access requests message from your students.

First, go to your personal folder in Panopto and click on the Share icon as shown in the screenshot below.


Now under Who can access this video click on the Change link.

Next, select Your Organization (unlisted) as show on the screenshot below.

Then click on Copy Link and share it on your Moodle site.


Option 2: Sharing from your Panopto module folder

In this option, you will need to copy/move your recording from your personal folder My Folder to your Panopto Module folder.

First, you will select the video by hovering your mouse over the video and check the box on the top left corner and then click on the move icon as shown below.

Go to Moodle and copy the title of the module that appears at the top of the Moodle site.

and then return to your Panopto page and paste it under the Move video(s) to drop-down field. The module folder will appear, click on it to confirm.

Now click on the Move button.

The recording will then appear on your Moodle site in the Panopto Lecture Capture (ReCap) block on the right hand-side of the Moodle site.

To share the video in your module section, you can right-click on the video and Copy link address and share it as a URL resource.

Please note, if you are using the same videos for the next Academic Year, you will need to move them to the relevant Academic Year folder following the same method described above.