The stealth mode allows you to hide an activity or resource in your module page from student view but still share that resource via a link to students to access them. This mode is similar to ‘orphaned’ activities which allowed activities to be hidden inside additional sections.
How stealth activities work

You can use the stealth activity mode in multiple ways. For example, if you would like to add a Moodle quiz within a book activity you can first create the quiz in your module page and then hide the quiz activity and then choose the option ‘Make available’ to turn the activity in to a stealth activity which will be completely hidden from students view and only accessible via a link to students if shared anywhere else in your Moodle page.

The link could then be copied and added to your book activity for example. Students accessing your module page won’t be able to see the quiz directly on the module page but access them only through the link from the book activity. Please see how your module page will look like for an activity with the stealth mode turned on for teachers and adminstrators which could be identified by the description  ‘Available but not shown on course page’. If you just hide a resource or activity you will see the description ‘hidden from students’.

Teacher/admin view Student view

As you could see from the above screenshots, the students will not see the Quiz activity on their module page if the stealth mode is activated.

How to set it up

To enable stealth mode, first you will need to hide an activity or resource. You will then be presented with an additional option from the drop-down menu called as ‘Make available’. Choose the Make available option to turn your activity or resource into a stealth mode activity meaning the resource is still active but is hidden from the view of students.

You can then copy the link of the activity or resource and share it anywhere in your Moodle page such as a discussion forums or a book activity for example.