Choose the correct tool best suited to your assessment needs and your students’ learning needs (e.g. Turnitin assignment vs Moodle assignment). View our assessment guidance pages and/or contact your eLearning Advisor to understand more about the different assessment tools available.

Setting up your inbox

  • Set up two submission boxes for each assignment – On-time submissions and Late/Mitigating Circumstances.
  • Provide distinct titles so students can distinguish between them (e.g.: On-time vs Late/Mit. Circs.) and include the due date. Indicate the assessment type e.g. essay, video so that administrative staff can differentiate between assessments for adding grades to OME.
  • Provide further detail to students in the Description fields, including accepted file formats, number of files, where to get support etc.
  • Ensure that the deadlines dates for all inboxes are set during University support opening hours and following University guidelines.
  • The start date for the Late/Mit. Circs inbox must be the same as the original due date – if you need to extend the due date for an assessment, please also amend the Late/Mit. Circs. inbox dates accordingly.
  • Don’t allow late submissions to a Turnitin inbox as you cannot release marks to students at different times.
  • For Moodle assignments, you must use a cut-off date and make it the same as the due date, otherwise students can submit late.
  • Always allow anonymous marking where practicable following University policy (inboxes can’t be anonymised after submissions are made).
  • If required, it’s possible to set up your assignments with restricted access to specific students or to set it up for group submissions with Moodle assignments.

Marking your assessment

  • View our groups guidance or speak to your eLearning Advisor to understand how you can allocate marking to different markers.
  • Check to ensure any feedback comments on Moodle assignments are saved by clicking on the Save button.
  • Avoid deanonymising inboxes before marking is complete (unless there is a strong reason to do so).
  • Avoid hiding any inboxes to which students have submitted assignments as it’s confusing for students. If you do need to hide inboxes, let the students know and ensure you are unhide them after marking is complete.

Logs for submissions

  • You can access the logs to a submission box by clicking on Settings from the top left menu and selecting Logs.
  • Much of the student activity on the module can be viewed in the Logs. You can check when students accessed the submission box and attempted submissions.