Completion progress is a block that allows to display activity completion tasks as a visual progress bar.

This block is commonly used to:

  • Provide teaching staff with an overview page to see the progress of all students in their module to help identify students at risks.
  • Provide students with a visual colour-coded toolbar to quickly see what activities they have and have not completed or viewed.
  • Adding the completion Progress block to the Dashboard shows a combined videw of the students progress from all modules they are enrolled in.
What is Completion Progress?

The Completion Progress block shows students their activity completion tasks status across the module.

It is a useful time management tool allowing students to track past and upcoming tasks from the module homepage. Staff can also compare the progress of students throughout the module and can use the tool to quickly determine who is engaged or who may need additional support.

The block can describe what activities have been submitted, marked, or require completion:

Yellow: Submitted but not completed (e.g., if you have submitted a quiz but not recieved a passing grade)

Green: Completed (e.g., any activity completed by the student)

Red: Not-completed (e.g., any activity not completed before the expected deadline)

Blue: Future not-completed (e.g., any future activity before the deadline not yet completed by the student)

Staff and students can interact with the progress bar:

  • Hover the mouse over a bar to see details of the task such as the requirements and deadline
  • Click on a bar to open the activity/resource

Add a Completion Progress block

Staff can add 1 or more completion progress blocks into the blocks drawer on the right of the course. Each block can be set up to show all or a selected group of activity completion tasks.

The Completion Progress block will only be tracking progress if Completion tracking is enabled in the module. To enable Completion tracking, go to Course Administration > Edit settings > Completion tracking > Enable completion tracking.

Setting up a Completion Progress block

  • Turn editing on
  • Create your activities/resources as normal

Set completion settings for each activity you want to appear in the bar, including an expected by date

  • Add the Completion Progress block to your page

  • Move your block into a prominent position (click and drag the block title)

Configure the block

Click the Cogwheel and from the drop-down choose Configure Completion Progress block to configure the block.

Configure the Block settings. You can also provide an alternate title if you wish to change the default title from the block settings page.

View Student Progress

The Completion Progress block displays the students progress within the module. This is quite useful for students to view and check any outstanding tasks to complete.

Student view of the block

Once a student completes the selected activities their status will change to complete indicated by the green bar in the block.

Staff can click the Overview of Students link to view student’s progress in the selected activities in the module. The Overview of students link is not visible to students.

This progress report will give a good overview of the progress students are making in completing the activities and to identify students who are falling behind to take appropriate action.