The Board activity enables a post-it board activity for students. It’s similar in design to Padlet and makes a great collaborative activity for your module. Students can share a class board or group or individual boards. Staff create the columns with headers and then invite students to post to them.
Picture shows an example of a Board activity

Add content to the Board

Click here for a video demo

  • Read the instructions provided by your lecturer carefully. You may have been set a class board, an individual board or group board to add content to.
  • To add a post simply click the + option in the relevant column and then add in your header and text and any URL, image or Youtube video and click Post.
  • Picture shows adding a new post to a moodle board
  • You can edit, delete or move the post between columns if needed depending on the settings set by your lecturer
    • Click the little pencil icon to edit
    • Click on the X to delete
    • Click on the icon and from the list that appears select where to move a post (dragging the post won’t work)
  • Students cannot currently upload a file but this is on the roadmap for future developments. A workaround would be for students to create or upload files in their OneDrive University account, make the file available to all at Roehampton with the link and then share the link on the post.
  • Please note! To see updates from other students and staff you will need to refresh your page
  • There is a limit of 800 characters per post. If you need to add more content you can add another post.
  • You cannot add columns or change column headers or edit each others posts