Below are key areas where you may need advice in using Teams. Further support is also available through the Microsoft Teams support pages or video training area. If you have further questions, please contact our Helpdesk.

How to log in as an authenticated user

When opening Teams, it should take you straight to the Microsoft login screen. Student usernames are most often, (for example, the username for Tilda Swinton would be

If your username is correct you will be taken to the Roehampton login page. Your password is the same password you use for all Roehampton systems such as email, the Nest Portal, and Moodle.

Should you need to reset your password, further information is available on this page. We recommend signing up for Password Self-Service as soon as possible so you can reset your password whenever necessary. If you are not able to use the self-service system, there are contact details on the page to liaise directly with the Roehampton Service Desk.

How to ensure you are using the MS Teams App rather than the web version

On all devices you should have a Search function where you can type in Teams to locate the installed application. To find it without searching:

  • In Windows, click the Start icon and navigate to Microsoft Teams
  • On Mac, go to the Applications folder and select Microsoft Teams
  • On a mobile device or tablet, tap the Teams icon

How to check you are using the correct version which needs to be ‘Teams for work or school’

The page to download Microsoft Teams can be found here. If you are given a choice, the version to install is the ‘Teams for work or school’ version.

For mobile or tablet versions, you can also find teams in the appropriate app store for your device.

How to update to the latest version of Teams

In the Teams application, click the ‘three dots’ menu option towards the top right. The menu presented should have an option for “Check for updates”, which will compare the version you are using to the latest version available and update the application if necessary.

Trouble logging into Teams

If you experience trouble logging in to your Roehampton Microsoft Teams account because you are logged in with your personal Microsoft account or another institution’s account and cannot log out, please click on the following link to sign you out of all your Microsoft accounts on that browser: