In Microsoft Teams, you can show your desktop, a specific app, a whiteboard, or a presentation in a meeting. The options you see will depend on if you are using the desktop app or web version.

All options are described below:

  • Screen lets you show everything on your screen.

  • Window lets you share an open window like a specific app you have open.

  • Microsoft Whiteboard  lets you share a whiteboard where participants can sketch together.

  • PowerPoint Live lets you share a PowerPoint presentation.
Screenshot from MS Teams showing the 4 different sharing options - screen, window, whiteboard or powerpoint
Screenshot showing all sharing options in desktop app. Please note the web version has fewer options.
Share content

MS Teams desktop app

  1. Select Share content Share screen button  and choose if you want to share your computer audio (for example if you’re going to play a video from your computer).
  2. Select what you want to share screen, window, powerpoint or whiteboard
  3. After you select what you want to show, a red border surrounds what you’re sharing.
  4. Select Stop sharing to stop showing your screen.

Screenshot showing share tray in Teams app

MS Teams web version

The steps for sharing are the same; however, in the web version you will only have the option to share your desktop (screen) or window. You will not see a red border around what you’re sharing.

Screenshot showing share tray in web version

Share computer Audio e.g. for sharing videos and podcasts 

To share video or audio you will need to share sound from your computer when choosing to share your screen, select  Include computer sound (on Desktop version) or tick the Share Tab Audio or Share System Audio checkbox (on Web Version).Screenshot showing Include Computer Sound switch on desktop app

Desktop App

Screenshot showing web version share audio tab
Web Version

*Meeting participants won’t see any notifications that might come in but if you share computer sound, they will hear any notification sounds.

Video players – Free and subscription

Please be aware that for some sites the videos will not display to others in the Teams room due to the sites security settings. Please do check the sites you intend to use first with your eLearning Advisor if you are unsure.

Plays when screensharing Does not play when screensharing
Netflix (requires subscription)



ROB (Roehampton Online Broadcast)

BBC iPlayer

BFI Player (Free resources only)

Bloomsbury Video Library

Educational Recording Agency

Alexander Street

Channel 4


Amazon Prime



BFI Player (except free resources)

Share Content - Video Guides

MS Teams desktop app

MS Teams web version

Presenter Mode

By using a presenter mode such as StandoutSide-by-side, or Reporter in a Teams meeting instead of sharing screen or window content only, you become a more engaging and integral part of your presentation.

To use a Presenter Mode, select your preffered mode after you click Share content Share screen button

Screenshot showing presenter mode

  • Interactive presenter modes are only available for the desktop version of Teams.

  • Meeting attendees using the mobile or online versions of Teams will see a shared window or screen and presenter video separately.
  • When you use an interactive presenter mode, a small, moveable picture-in-picture window pops up to show you what your audience sees. If you close this window and need it again, restart the presenter mode.

Allow others to present

To allow others to present in a meeting, you need to promote them to presenter.

  1. Click on ‘Show Participants’

Screenshot showing participants option in menu

2. Click on the 3 dots next to the participants name and click ‘Make presenter’.

Screenshot showing 'Make Presenter' option

You can also assign co-organisers and presenters before the session starts in your meeting options