ReCap is a software that that will record output from a computer i.e. anything shown on the screen, along with the audio of the presenter which can then be published for students to view in Moodle. The video can feature searchable menu’s incl. thumbnails of Ppt. slides, contents menu and a search for all audio and text. Please note, the pages will refer to Panopto which is the technology that delivers ReCap. Please click here for an example of a ReCap recording.

Panopto Personal Capture is installed on the majority of classroom PC’s at the University with mics already connected and so should be ready for use.

This video is a brief guide to recording, including recording offline and logging in to Panopto. There are further step by step instructions available below:

Why use Lecture Capture?

The majority of UK Universities are using the same or similar tools in order to record learning activities to support student learning as it provides

  • Extra learning materials for students by allowing them to retain and review lecture content in their own time and at their own pace. It also allows them to spend more time participating in lectures instead of making extensive notes.
  • It is a very useful revision tool ahead of exams and assignments
  • It is also particularly helpful for students with learning differences or with English as a second language.
  • It delivers reusable learning materials that can be incorporated into online and in class activities.

ReCap or a similar software can provide the opportunity for flipped learning: a pedagogical model in which typical course lecture elements are reversed, where direct instruction is provided online outside of face to face time so that in class time can be used to encourage active and collaborative learning, increase engagement and check understanding. For example short video lectures can be created to be made available to students before class, while in class time is then given over to discussion of the content and group work.

Start recording!

The following instructions are for Windows PC.

  1. Click on the Panopto icon on your desktop 

Can’t see the Panopto icon on the desktop? In the search bar located on the bottom left-hand side of your taskbar, next to the Windows button, type the name of the app, document, or file that you’re looking for. From the search results listed, click on Panopto

How to search in Windows 10
  1. Login via the Moodle interface using your Moodle login for the relevant year
  2. You will then see a page where you can record your screen and audio
  3. Under session settings select the folder for the relevant module or choose My folder (please contact your elearning advisor if you do not see the folder you require). If you start typing the module code it should come up. Ensure you select the module for the relevant year.
  4. Change the recording name to include the title of your session and date
  5. N.b. do not click join session as this option relates to live streaming

Recording options

The Primary Sources section;

MXL Mic used for Lecture Capture in Teaching Rooms

  1. Most rooms are not equipped with a webcam so this option can be ignored
  2. Select the Audio option. The MXL boundary mics installed in the rooms are called  Microphone (USB audio CODEC). Use the traffic light bar to check the audio. If it hits red frequently move the dot on the bar as appropriate.
  3. You do not need to select capture the computer audio

The Secondary Sources section;

    1. To keep things simple we recommend producing a recording featuring Powerpoint and any other onscreen content (or speak with your eLearning Advisor for alternatives):
    2. Tick the Capture Main Screen and Capture Powerpoint option. In the box on the right select the Powerpoint tab. Either open your presentation but choose No when asked to ‘Begin recording after Powerpoint opens.’ If your Powerpoint is already open ensure you select ‘start presenting when recording starts’, or leave the box unticked if you want to refer to another resource first before starting your ppt.

When you are ready, click on the red Record button. If the Panopto screen does not automatically minimise, you will need to do this before starting to present your content

  1. To pause select the F9 key and F9 again to resume.
  2. To stop either maximise the Panopto screen and press stop or select F10. A recording complete message will appear – click Done or Delete to start again. You can also change the title at this point too.
  3. Selecting Done will take you to the Manage Recordings screen where you will see your recording processing (this may take some time). To start another recording click on the Create New Recording tab at the top. This will take you back to the start screen. Ensure you open the next presentation as above and check all the settings as before.
  4. After you’ve finished your presentation, take a look at the manage recording screen. You can see when the recordings have been fully processed. You should be able to log out of the system before the uploads have completed but you may wish to check them before to make sure they have all recorded as required.

If you leave Panopto at any point you can return and find your recordings on the Panopto site here – and login via the Moodle interface. Once  logged in look for your recordings under the relevant module folder or in your My folder (menu on the left)

Sharing your recording

If you have selected the relevant module folder when setting up your recording then the recording will automatically upload as a link accessible in the ReCap/Panopto block for that module. Please ensure the ReCap/Panopto block is visible on the page to your students. It should be displaying on the right of the page (contact your eLearning Advisor if you need some help moving it). You can alternatively choose from one of the other options listed in the guide below e.g. if you want to add a link to a recording into  section on your Moodle page.

Sharing your recording

Editing your recording | Adding quizzes | Viewing stats | Adding captions
Recording student presentations

AVR can assist with recording students presentations. They can record, the front of the class including the students presenting and what is displayed on the screen and audio.

You can also choose to use Panopto personal capture to record students presentations but be aware in most rooms this will only capture the screen and audio only, not the students presenting. All teaching PC’s have the required software, you will just need to check with the Moodle helpdesk to ensure that there is a mic installed in the room.

How to record student presentations

Adding external media files to ReCap

All multimedia files (created via the ReCap Personal Capture software or otherwise) can be published for students to view in Moodle if it is stored on the Panopto (ReCap) server whatever the size. Without using this server you are limited to being able to add a maximum file size of 40MB for each file in Moodle. This means that for most video and some audio files they are often too large to be added directly to Moodle. This is when you would choose to add your multimedia files to the Panopto (ReCap) server. For guidance on how to do this please see the link below

Sharing content uploaded to Panopto or another external site in Moodle