1. Log into your Office365 account to access to your University OneDrive. You can access OneDrive via your emails online or Sharepoint.

2. From email or Sharepoint click on the square icon in the top left corner

3. Select OneDrive from the list that appears.

4. In OneDrive decide where you want the shared file to go. You might want to create a folder to help organise your content. If so, click + New and select folder and give it a name. When you want to add a shared file you can then access the folder before adding the file.

5. Click + New and select Word document or other appropriate file format that you would like to use for student collaboration

5. The new document will open. You can rename it by clicking on the title at the top of the page. Add any content required. The document will autosave.

6. Any files and folders you store in OneDrive are private until you decide to share them. Note that, you can stop sharing at any time.

7. To share either select the Share button in the top right corner of your document while it is open for editing

OR by finding the document in your OneDrive folder and then selecting the Share icon

8. a) You can choose to share with only a specific group of students and staff. Click on ‘People you specify can view’, click Allow editing and select Apply. In the next window click the Outlook option. This will open up an email in your inbox and you can select all those you want to share it with, write a message and send the email. This will then share the folder with those you have sent it to. You can also add the link to Moodle for students to click on and upload.

8. b) You can choose to share with anyone who has the link and a Roehampton IT account. Click on ‘People in university of Roehampton with the link’, click Allow editing and select Apply. You can then click the link icon to copy a link . You can then add the link to Moodle for students to click on and upload.