It is very important that Turnitin assignments have the same settings for all assignments. When students know what to expect, it reduces confusion and stress around deadlines. The streamlined procedure will limit the amount of technical problems, support requests and mitigating circumstances claims.

Best practice is to use 3-4 inboxes each assignment:

  • 1 inbox for standard submissions up to the deadline, and students who submit late without extensions.
    • All students can see this inbox at all times – no groups or restrictions applied.
    • Students without approval to submit late will use this inbox, and their work will be highlighted red.
  • 1 inbox for students who are authorised to submit late – that is, they have official extensions or mitigating circumstances.
    • All mit circs students will have to be put into a group first. When setting up Turnitin, the group will need to be added under Restrict Access. This inbox will only be accessible to students in that group. It is essential to ensure that the group includes all relevant students.
    • The due date must be before the post date of the standard assignment, as students can’t submit work after grades have been released to the class.
  • Inboxes for resits & deferrals each in the resit section of the moodle page. Deferring students did not make a first submission due to more severe long term circumstances. Resit students often need to include a reflective statement while deferring students don’t.
    • All resitters & deferrals will have to be put into groups first. When setting up Turnitin, the groups will need to be added under Restrict Access. This inbox will only be accessible to students in that group. It is essential to ensure that the group includes all relevant students. If there are multiple markers across each of the groups the inbox cannot be anonymised.
    • 1x inbox for resitters including resit rubric (generic rubric, includes 10% reflective statement) if used
    • 1x inbox for deferrals incl standard module rubric if used


Module Mgt Cog in the top left < User Links column < Groups

Select the group – in this case it is Authorised Late – Assignment 1.

Add/remove users as appropriate. For courses with many students, you can use the search box underneath the potential members box. When you have finished, click the Back to groups button.


Turn editing on,  click the Add an activity or resource link in the assessment section of your page, select Assignment (Turnitin Type). 

Add a Turnitin linkTurnitin settings

Please stick to the default settings unless the specific nature of your assignment requires you to do otherwise. Only set start, post & due date for your assignment as appropriate. If in doubt, please contact the eLearning Adviser at Roehampton.

For anonymous marking settings see below. For assistance with Turnitin assignments consisting of multiple parts, please contact your Roehampton eLearning Adviser.


Turnitin assignment name

Give your assignment a name, depending on what type of inbox you are setting up. The name must be under 40 characters. Include the deadline in the title 

NB Mit circs/authorised late as well as resit submission links need to be clearly labelled as such to avoid confusion.


If there are any special instructions for this assignment, fill them in here. Remember that students have no way of seeing the settings you have used, so if you have a good reason to use a different setting to those detailed below, you need to explain that here too.

Anonymous Marking

The default on the Partnerships moodle is set to No to cater for the different types of collaborative programmes and their individual requirements. That said, the University policy states that Wherever it is practicable, assessment is conducted without any student’s name or personal identity being revealed to the marker(s). 

Please be aware this setting cannot be changed once it’s set, so if you need to know students’ identities to mark this work, set it to No and inform students in the Summary that this work is not anonymous. Otherwise the students’ names will be revealed on the post date. In the event that an individual’s name needs to be revealed it is possible to track down details before that date, for example if a student makes a request for mitigating circumstances or are suspected of academic misconduct and you need to identify their submission.



You can leave this as Part 1, or make it more meaningful if you wish.

Start date

You can leave this as is, or set to the start date of term.

Due date

Set to 2pm London time or as agreed with your students.

Post date

Marking and moderation should be completed within 4 working weeks after the due date unless agreed otherwise with Roehampton. This is when feedback and marks are made visible to students.


Allow Submissions after the Due Date

Default is set to Yes. You will be able to see who has submitted late as their work is highlighted red in the inbox. Students can only submit once after the deadline, and they cannot overwrite their submission once you have marked it. If you enforce a 7 day late submission policy, change this setting to No after 2 pm on the 7th day past the deadline to prevent any more late submission.


Group mode

The default should be visible groups. If not set already, choose visible groups to be able to filter registry/organisational, mit circs, resit & deferral groups.


For standard assignments, you do not need to add any restrictions.

For authorised late, resits & deferrals, click Add restriction… and then click Group

In the drop-down menu, choose the Group who you would like to be able to see the assignment.

On the left side of the drop-down box, click the eyeball icon. This means the assignment will be completely hidden from students outside the group. If you forget to click it, they will see it but will not be able to access it.

If you would like something to be visible to more than one group, then you will need to set up a grouping. Once your grouping has been set up, you can add a restriction for the grouping just as you do for a single group.


Click Save and return to course.

Next to your Turnitin link click Edit > Move right to indent the inboxes and make the structure clearer.