A wiki is a type of collaboratively-authored website and can be a powerful tool for both reflective and collaborative learning activities.

Wikis are very flexible and can be set up and edited in many different ways. A Wiki may house collaboratively-developed lecture notes for an entire cohort, act as a space in which a group can collect evidence prior to a presentation, or be used as a brainstorming facility for an individual project.

Adding a new page

Adding a new page

To add a new page to a wiki, select Edit on the initial page and add the title of the new page surrounded by double square brackets e.g. [[Lecture 1]] and Save.

How to create a new Wiki page

Once the new page link is saved, the page title appears as a link. Click new page link to continue to create the page.

New page link

Now click Create

Create button

Edit a wiki page

Edit a Wiki page

Add text using the text editor. For information about using the other icons and formatting in the text editor please view our guidance on the Moodle editor.

When you have added text, scroll down to add tags (these will be useful to find topics on a large wiki). Click Save or Preview.

Editing a wiki page

Use History to compare changes

Using History

Once the wiki is in use and changes are made, you can use History to compare versions of a page. Open the relevant page of the wiki and click the History tab.

This shows the different versions and who has created them. Click Compare selected to see the details.

The versions are presented below. To revert to an earlier version click Restore (to the right of the version

History of changes

Restoring to a different version.
Restore previous version

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