The majority of assignments at Roehampton are submitted through Turnitin via Moodle but you may also be asked to submit via alternative assignment submissions methods such as a Moodle Assignment.

The deadline for most assignments is 2 pm. This means your file must be fully uploaded before the world clock changes from 1:59 to 2:00 pm. If your computer clock is set to a different time, this would not be accepted as a reason for a late submission.

You must allow plenty of time to submit your assignments. If you upload work just before the deadline line you risk missing the deadline due to technical problems with your file or the slow server speed. If this happens and you miss the deadline as a consequence, your work will usually be considered late, especially if you did not contact Moodle Support for help before the deadline. The usual consequence for late submission is that your grade will be capped.

Resubmissions/changes to files are usually allowed up until the due date.

Video/audio assessments
ePortfolio assessment
Moodle Quizzes

Please view our guide on Moodle Quizzes