Upload your audio files to your ePortfolios site

  1. Go to the post or page you wish to add your file to
  2. Place the mouse cursor where you want to add the file
  3. Click the Add Media button
  4. Select the Upload Files tab
  5. Click Select Files and find your audio file on your computer
  6. Highlight the file and select open
  7. The file will be uploaded
  8. In the right hand column under Attachment Display Settings select Embed Media Player
  9. In the bottom corner click Insert into Post
  10. The audio player will appear and you can resize of move it
  11. Click update or publish


Embed audio from a sharing website to your ePortfolios site

  1. Embedding allows you to display your audio directly within your post or page instead of taking you via a link to another site
  2. You will first need to get the URL link from the sharing site where you have uploaded your audio. For most sites such as Soundcloud, look for the share option .
  3. On the relevant page/post place the mouse cursor to where you want to add the file
  4. Click the Add Media button
  5. Click on Insert from URL
  6. Paste in the URL link and then click Insert into Post
  7. The audio player will appear on the post or page where you can resize and move it