Overview of the Turnitin Submission Tool 

The majority of assignments at Roehampton are submitted through Turnitin via Moodle. Most assignment deadlines are 2pm which means your file must be uploaded before the world clock changes from 1:59 to 2:00pm. Your computer clock being set to a different time will not be accepted as a reason for late submission.

You must allow plenty of time to submit to Turnitin. There may be a technical problem with your file or the server may be slow. If this happens, contact Moodle Support. Late submissions will be capped. Changes to files are allowed up until the due date.

If you have mitigating circumstances/extensions then you may need to submit to the mitigating circumstances inbox. If you are submitting resits they will need to be submitted to a resit inbox to the same module in the year you studied on the module.

Preparing your file for submission

Its important that you format your work correctly so that it is readable , professional and can be processed by Turnitin.

You should check if your School has specific formatting requirements such as font size, margin, size, line spacing. If there are no specific instructions about formatting or presentation, you should submit your work with the following:

  • Create your written assignment using Microsoft products where possible e.g Microsoft Word, PowerPoint but other supported file types are listed here.  (When you are using other software applications to produce your written file, you can go to Save as… > PDF to convert the file to a PDF, which is compatible with Turnitin).
  • Use a clear, readable, standard common font type. If you use downloaded fonts, you may encounter an error when you submit to Turnitin or issues with formatting. Suggested fonts are:
    – Arial
    – Calibri
    – Helvetica
    – Times New Roman
    – Verdana
  • Use black text on a white background.
  • Use 11 or 12 point font for the body of your assessment.
  • Insert graphics, photos or charts as images that are in either png or jpeg format.
  • Avoid using text boxes and WordArt in Microsoft Office applications.
  • If you are copying and pasting text into your document from another source (e.g. a website), paste text into your file as ‘plain text’ to remove any hidden code.
  • Use the referencing system recommended by your department (for clear and accurate guidance, see the Library Guidance Site)

Remember to keep a copy of all work you submit

Submitting to Turnitin

  Quickstart Video Guide on submitting to Turnitin (3 mins)

1. Navigate to the relevant module site in Moodle and click on the Turnitin assignment link Image displays Turnitin icon. If you cannot find the link, please contact your lecturer/s.

2. For your first submission only, you must accept the Turnitin user agreement to be able to submit. Click the banner at the top of the assignment to read through the agreement and click ‘I agree’.

3. Usually you will be required to submit one file but some inboxes may be set up to accept multiple files (or parts as it is referred to in Turnitin). If multiple parts have been set up then each part needs to be submitted separately by clicking on the separate tabs.

4. Check the separate dates set for the inbox:

  •  Start date: you can’t submit before this time
  •  Due date: the deadline for your assignment. Late submissions or those with mitigating circumstances will need to submitted to the mitigating circumstances assignment link
  •  Post date: when your grades and feedback are due to be released

image shows where to click the submit here button

5. Click Submit Paper to make a submission. If you don’t see the submit paper icon, this guide will help you.

Screenshot of Turnitin upload screen

6. To submit a file ensure Submission Type is set to File Upload. To submit plain text only, select the option from the drop-down menu.

7. Enter your Submission Title. Don’t include your name or student number.

8. Upload your file into the File to Submit box, either by the file upload or drag-and-drop method

Drag and dropFile upload

Simply drag and drop the file from the file manager into the box and wait for it to upload.

  1. Open the file explorer/manager on your computer to find your file
  2. Resize the explorer window, so that you can view the assignment submission page
  3. Select and hold on the file for submission and drag it into the file submissions box
  4. Drop your file onto into the box by releasing the selection
  5. Once uploaded the file will display in the File to Submit box
  1. Click the Add button
  2. To upload from your computer, click Upload this file and click Browse to locate your file.
  3. Follow our guide if you wish to upload from Google Drive or Dropbox
  4. Click Upload this file.
  5. The file picker will close and you will see an icon of the file appear.

9. Tick the student declaration box

10. Click Add Submission – A page will appear informing you that your submission is in progress.

11. A screen displaying your Digital receipt will then appear.

12. Click outside the digital receipt window to close it. Your submission will now appear in the My Submissions page.

  •  You can review your submission by clicking the title
  •  A Paper ID number and the date and time of submission will display
  •  On most Turnitin inboxes a similarity report will be available.  The similarity report can be used to help you check whether you have correctly added citations and references in your work. The similarity report may take a short while to process following submission and when it is ready, your similarity score will show on the page and you can click on it to review your paper. Papers showing ‘Pending’ similarity reports after the due date will not be considered late if the paper was uploaded on time. Please note, similarity reports for the FIRST THREE submissions to a Turnitin inbox will normally generate within 5-15 minutes. Further submissions will generate similarity reports after 24 hours. Learn more about the similarity report.

13. After submitting to a Turnitin Assignment inbox, you will automatically receive a digital receipt email to your Roehampton email account, confirming a successful submission. Find more information about the digital receipt.

Resolving submission errors

If your file upload has not worked, you will most likely see one of these common error messages on the submission page:

For any other error messages please check the following:

If you are unable to resolve the issue please contact the Moodle Support for assistance.

Resubmitting to Turnitin

To resubmit, click the submit paper icon and go through the same steps. Normally you can resubmit as many times as you like until the deadline.

Please note that similarity reports for resubmissions will take 24 hours to generate if you have already submitted your work to the inbox three times.

Further information on resubmissions