The online version needs no download and can be accessed easily from within ReCap (Panopto). You will need to have a good internet connection. The online version does not feature the powerpoint slide thumbnail navigation menu in the finished video. Please view the guidance video below or the written guidance.

Accessing Online Personal Capture

A user can access Panopto Capture from directly within their browser, and no download is required. 


  • Creator access to Panopto
  • Latest version of: Chrome, Edge (Chromium-based), or Firefox browsers on Windows, Mac, or ChromeOS. Note: Please make sure anti-virus exceptions are made for audio (microphone), video (web camera), and screen in your preferred browser. 
  1. Go to and sign in via Moodle.
  2. Click on the Create Button at the top of video library, and select Panopto Capture 

3. Panopto Capture will then launch in a new browser tab:

Start recording!

Before you start;

  • find a suitable quiet space where you will not be disturbed while recording
  • have all the equipment you need ready to begin recording such as a microphone, speakers or headphone and/or webcam. Ensure all the equipment is correctly installed and connected to your computer following the manufacturers instructions.
  • have the resources you wish to capture on your screen ready e.g. a PowerPoint presentation
  • if you are using a webcam try to avoid sitting in front of a busy, distracting background

Select an Audio Source

  1. To create a video, first select the microphone to use with the recording. Click the microphone icon in the upper left corner of Panopto Capture:

2. Each microphone connected to your computer will appear as a button in the preview area. Select the desired microphone by clicking on a button

3. Talking at a normal volume will allow you to test your microphones. The bar at the left of each box indicates how well the microphone is picking up audio. Select a microphone that shows green in this bar. If yellow or red is showing, the video’s audio may be distorted (Fig. 5). If no green is showing, the microphone is not picking up audio.

Select Camera Sources

  1. To record a camera source, select the camera icon in the upper center of Panopto Capture. If you do not want to record any cameras, you can skip this step.

2. Each camera connected to your computer will show up as a button in the preview area. Each button will show a preview of each camera. Select the desired camera(s) by clicking on the button(s).

The first camera selected will be recorded as the primary video source. This source appears in the upper left side of the video viewer and is typically video of a presenter. For more information on the video viewer, please see Learn About the Features of the Video Viewer.

Any additional cameras selected will be recorded as secondary video sources. These appear on the right side of the viewer along with screen or application sources.

Preview Your Camera while Recording

  1. If you are using a full screen to capture an application or tab, but are also recording yourself, you have the option to pop your web camera feed out of the arrangement while you’re recording, so you can preview what you’ll look like in the final recording. Note: if you are recording the entire screen, the preview will be captured. This is only recommended for when you are only capturing one application or tab.
  2. Hover over the camera feed of yourself, and select the icon that looks like a large and small box

3. This will create a pop-out preview of your camera feed, placed on top of your application or browser tab. Note: Your application or browser tab will not record with this image over it. This allows you to see yourself while you are recording (but will record in the video arrangement that you selected).

Note: If your camera does not show up, please refer to the article, How to Unblock a Device on a Browser

Select Screen and Application Sources

  1. To record a screen, application window, or individual browser tab, select the monitor icon with the plus sign in the upper right of Panopto Capture. If you do not want to record any screens or applications, you can skip this step.

User-added image

2. A window will open. Here you can choose the source to record.

3. To record everything that happens on a screen, choose Your Entire Screen. Then, select the screen to record and click Share.  Optionally, select Share audio to add the audio from your computer to the recording.

User-added image

4. To record everything that happens in one application window only, choose Application Window. Then, select the application to record and click Share

User-added image

5. To record everything that happens in one browser tab, choose the Tab option (shown here in Chrome). Then, select the tab to record and click Share.  Optionally, select Share audio to add the audio from your computer to the recording.

User-added image

6. After choosing one screen or application source, you may add additional sources by selecting the monitor icon again.

Recording with PowerPoint

There are two ways a user can record a PowerPoint presentation using Panopto Capture. The following steps explain how to record a PowerPoint using screen capture or application capture.

Screen Capture: This method is ideal for users who want to capture a full screen PowerPoint presentation. Prior to recording, make sure your PowerPoint presentation is in presenter mode.

Select the monitor icon from the top toolbar:

User-added image

The Share your screen menu will appear. On the tab Your Entire Screen, select the screen that has your PowerPoint presentation.  and then select Share. If your presentation has audio, select the checkbox next to Share audio.  Note:In this example image, the user has two screens: a laptop screen and an additional monitor. If you only have one screen, or share the screen you are using Panopto Express on, it will create an endless, mirrored effect until you minimize the Express recorder. Your screen will still be recorded in this case.

User-added image

Application Window capture: Capturing the PowerPoint presentation as an application allows you to capture only your slides even if you have other items on screen such as presenter notes or a preview of your camera.

1. Place your PowerPoint presentation is in presenter mode.

2. Using your keyboard, press the Alt (Windows) or Command (Mac) key and use the Tab key to see and tab back to your web browser, where Panopto Express is open.

3. Select the monitor icon from the top toolbar.

User-added image

4. The Share your screen menu will appear. On the tab Application Window, select the screen that has your PowerPoint slide show, and then select Share. 

User-added image

5. You will be taken to the view of the slideshow again, but are not yet recording. To start recording, or to make additional adjustments, press the Alt (Windows) or Command (Mac) key and use the Tab key on your keyboard to see and tab through the open applications.

Preview and Settings

Sharing your recording
Editing your recording | Adding quizzes | Viewing stats | Adding captions
Recording student presentations

AVR can assist with recording students presentations. They can record, the front of the class including the students presenting and what is displayed on the screen and audio.

You can also choose to use Panopto personal capture to record students presentations but be aware in most rooms this will only capture the screen and audio only, not the students presenting. All teaching PC’s have the required software, you will just need to check with the Moodle helpdesk to ensure that there is a mic installed in the room.

How to record student presentations

Adding external media files to ReCap

All multimedia files (created via the ReCap Personal Capture software or otherwise) can be published for students to view in Moodle if it is stored on the Panopto (ReCap) server whatever the size. Without using this server you are limited to being able to add a maximum file size of 40MB for each file in Moodle. This means that for most video and some audio files they are often too large to be added directly to Moodle. This is when you would choose to add your multimedia files to the Panopto (ReCap) server. For guidance on how to do this please see the link below

Sharing content uploaded to Panopto or another external site in Moodle