This version allows you to create your videos offline. You will need to ask IT to install the software on your work computer.


Installing Personal Capture

Option 1: Ask IT to install Personal Capture on your work computer

Contact 020 8392 6000, email or request via the Servicedesk. Please provide your computer name.

Option 2: Install Personal Capture onto your personal computer

Please check computer prerequisites before attempting installation.

1.Please note: If you have any problems with the following steps please contact

2.Find the ReCap link on the Moodle Homepage or go to and select the current years Moodle. Click ‘Sign in’ to login via Moodle. This will log you into Panopto’s cloud server.

3. In the upper left corner of your Panopto site, select the + Create button and then select Panopto for Windows


4. The site will recognise your operating system and will suggest the right version for your computer. If you’re happy with the suggested version, click the Download Panopto button, otherwise click on ‘Click here for other download options’ and select the correct version for your operating system.


Start recording!

Before you start;

  1. find a suitable quiet space where you will not be disturbed while recording
  2. have all the equipment you need ready to begin recording such as a microphone, speakers or headphone and/or webcam. Ensure all the equipment is correctly installed and connected to your computer following the manufacturers instructions.
  3. have the resources you wish to capture on your screen ready e.g. a PowerPoint presentation
  4. if you are using a webcam try to avoid sitting in front of a busy, distracting background

The following instructions are for Windows PC. If you are using a Mac please follow the instructions linked here.

  1. Search for the Panopto application on your computer and login via the current years Moodle login page.
  2. You will see a page where you can record your screen and audio
  3. Important! Click onto the folder field and select ‘My folder’
  4. Give the recording a new and meaningful title
  5. N.b. do not click join session as this option relates to live streaming

Recording options

The Primary Sources section;

  1. Optional – if using a webcam select it from the Video menu
  2. Then select the Audio option. If you are using an external USB it should display the USB mic as an option. Speak into the mic and use the traffic light bar to check the audio is getting picked up
  3. Tick ‘capture the computer audio’ if you are going to be playing video or audio during your recording and you intend to use headphones

The Secondary Sources section;

  1. Capture Powerpoint – To produce a recording featuring Powerpoint (this option will display a navigation bar and ppt slide titles when published for students)  – tick the Capture Powerpoint option. Ensure your Powerpoint is open and select the option to ‘start presenting when recording starts’- this will start your Powerpoint presentation as soon as you press record. Leave the box unticked if you intend to refer to other content before starting your ppt
  2. Capture Main Screen – To produce a recording of content displayed on the screen – tick Capture Main Screen
  3. You can choose to select both of the above and both Powerpoint and the screen will be recorded
  4. It is possible to capture more screens but we recommend speaking with your eLearning Advisor who can assist with this

Recommended settings

When you are ready, click on the red Record button. If your Panopto screen has not automatically minimised you will need to do this and then navigate to your content to start presenting.

1. To pause select the F9 key and F9 again to resume. or leave your presentation content and maximise the Panopto screen to select pause.

2. To stop select F10 or maximise the Panopto screen to click stop. A recording complete message will appear – click Done or Delete to start again

3. Selecting Done will take you to the Manage Recordings screen where you will see your recording processing (this may take some time). You can leave this open until your recording has uploaded. When it has fully processed click on Resume to continue the recording, Share to get the link to share with students, Edit to make changes and the View option to watch

4. We recommend just running short 1 min test before you get started so you can trial our the system, check everything is capturing and that the F9 and F10 keys are working if you intend to make use of them

If you leave this Panopto window at any point you can return and find your recordings on the Panopto site here – and login via current years Moodle. Once logged in look for your recordings in your My folder (menu on the left).

Sharing your recording
Editing your recording | Adding quizzes | Viewing stats | Adding captions
Recording student presentations

AVR can assist with recording students presentations. They can record, the front of the class including the students presenting and what is displayed on the screen and audio.

You can also choose to use Panopto personal capture to record students presentations but be aware in most rooms this will only capture the screen and audio only, not the students presenting. All teaching PC’s have the required software, you will just need to check with the Moodle helpdesk to ensure that there is a mic installed in the room.

How to record student presentations

Adding external media files to ReCap

All multimedia files (created via the ReCap Personal Capture software or otherwise) can be published for students to view in Moodle if it is stored on the Panopto (ReCap) server whatever the size. Without using this server you are limited to being able to add a maximum file size of 50MB for each file in Moodle. This means that for most video and some audio files they are often too large to be added directly to Moodle. This is when you would choose to add your multimedia files to the Panopto (ReCap) server. For guidance on how to do this please see the link below

Sharing content uploaded to Panopto or another external site in Moodle