PeerMark is a peer review assignment tool. You can create and manage PeerMark assignments that allow students to read, review, and evaluate one or many papers submitted by their classmates.

Peermark must be assigned to an existing assignment, so first set up your Turnitin assignment.

Create the PeerMark Assignment

Once your assignment is set up, click the green cog to the left of PeerMark assignments:

Screenshot showing PeerMark button in Turnitin Assignment



Click on the blue plus to add a PeerMark Assignment:

Screenshot showing blue plus icon to add a PeerMark assignment

In the first tab ‘PeerMark Assignment’ you can add details of the assignment including name, instructions, points available and assignment dates. Under ‘Additional Settings’ you can change settings such as anonymity and how many papers each student is assigned to review.

In the second tab ‘Peermark Questions’ you can add questions to the PeerMark:

Screenshot showing questions tab in PeerMark

You can type in the question, choose if you’d like a free response or scale and set a response limit:

Screenshot showing question options in Peermark

Once you’ve added questions you can edit or delete them:

Screenshot showing how to edit or delete question in PeerMark

In the last tab ‘Distribution’ you can manually exclude and pair authors if you wish but your settings in ‘Additional Settings’ will have automatically distributed the papers so you can ignore this tab if you wish.

Return to the first tab to save your PeerMark Assignment:

Screenshot showing save button in PeerMark

In your assignment you will now see the PeerMark Assignment has been set up:

Screenshot showing PeerMark has been set up in Turnitin Assignment

View PeerMark Submissions

You can view students reviews by clicking on the green person icon to the right of ‘Peermark Assignments’:

Screenshot showing submitted reviews

You can view the submitted and received reviews for each student:

Screenshot showing received student feedback

Instructions for students on how to complete their reviews are available here

Students Guidance for PeerMark Assignment