If you are studying remotely, you may need to access a live stream or pre-recording of a lecture or seminar within Moodle using our lecture capture software, ReCap (Panopto). The live stream and/or recording will normally include a capture of the teaching PC in the classroom and an audio stream or your lecture and others in the room. Please ensure you read these instructions before watching a live streamed session for the first time.


Viewing a ReCap livestream on ReCap (Panopto)

Accessing your live stream

You will be able to access your live streamed session via the Lecture Capture (ReCap) block on the right hand side of your module site on Moodle.

Before the session has started, no link will be present. The block will display that there are ‘No Live Sessions’ as per the image below:

Once the class has begun, the link to your live session will appear in the block under ‘Live Sessions’ as per the image below (please note, if a link does not display at the start of class, you may need to refresh the browser page):

To watch the live stream of the session, click ‘Watch Live‘. A new window will open displaying the live stream of the classroom computer and the audio from the room. You may find that your browser has blocked Auto-play, if so, you will have a message saying ‘Auto-play is disabled in your browser. Press play to start’. In this instance you will need to click the play button (see image below). You can always amend your browser settings at a later point to allow auto-play for future classes.


  • If you are on your Moodle module page before the session begins, you may need to refresh your page in order to see the live session link.
  • If you have joined the session late, it is important that you watch the live stream and not the recording from the start of the session.

Late? Ensure you watch Live

If you are not watching live, the green slider will be part way through and the red dot next to the ‘LIVE’ button will be greyed out:

To catch up and join the live stream, click on the ‘LIVE’ button:

When watching a live stream on Panopto, there is an expected 40 second delay, which that means that you are very slightly behind what is happening in the class. Keep this in mind if your lecturer has given you the opportunity to post to the discussion/chat feature.

If you are unable to access the live stream, a copy of the recording will appear in the same block under the ‘Completed Recordings’ title once the session has ended so you can watch at a later time.


Viewing a pre-recorded lecture on ReCap (Panopto)

If you have been informed by your lecturer that your lectures for a specific module will be recorded using ReCap Lecture Capture either during your face to face class or as a pre-recorded lecture access to the recordings will be provided via your Moodle module. Please be aware there are potential playback issues with old versions of Internet Explorer. Please make sure your browser is up-to-date. Recordings can be viewed on any mobile device as well as PC’s.

An example recording can be viewed here

Your recordings will either:

a. be added via the ReCap block on your Moodle module page in the right-hand column on the module page. Click on the links under the Completed Recordings header to view each lecture recording. Please note; your lecturer may hide this block at times in order to make edits to the recordings if required. Please contact your lecturer if you cannot view the block.


b. Your lecturer will add the recording directly to the module page under the relevant week/section. It may be added as an embedded video (see below) or as a plain link.

Embedded video

Linked video

Use headphones to listen to recordings. Recordings can take up to 24 hours to process and become available. It is the decision of your lecturer to choose when to release them.

Interactive Options for live streams and recordings - Take notes, ask a question, search for and bookmark content

  • The main screen will show the slides and content shown during your lecture
  • Use the thumbnail images right at the bottom to navigate to different parts of the recording.
  • Use the player underneath the slides to;
    • Start and stop and jump to different parts of the recording.
    • Change the volume
    • Speed up the recording
    • Change the image quality (already at maximum)
    • Choose to show only Powerpoint slides from the session
    • Show the screen including Powerpoint slides and anything else displayed in the session.
    • You can click on Hide to hide the thumbnails and increase the size of your screen. Once hidden you can click it again to show the thumbnails.

Adding questions and comments during the live stream (where enabled)

Your lecturer will let you know if the feature to add questions and comments during the live streamed session is available. Please ensure you are watching the session live (click the live button!) to make the most of this feature so that you are in synch with the discussion taking place in the class.

  1. If available, you can add questions and comments via the Discussion section in the viewer window. Click on Discussion to type in a question or comment and hit the enter key when ready to post. Discussion questions will be visible to everyone watching the session and will display your name. Other viewers watching online may reply to your post.
  2. If your lecturer is streaming their lecture from a classroom where students are in attendance, they may need to wait until an appropriate break in the session before they can view your questions in the viewer. The lecturer will then be able to respond to your questions verbally over the live stream (this is why it is important to ensure you are watching the session live! – see above).
  3. The discussion posts will automatically save for review at a later time, after the broadcast has ended.

The Side Menus


Use this option to jump to different points in the recording.

Search this recording

This section of the viewer will allow you to view and seek any text in a PowerPoint slide or in the contents menu. Search for any text in a PowerPoint and you will be taking to the point in the recording where its mentioned. Often spoken text is searchable in this way also. Type the word you wish to find in the search bar and checkout your results.


You can take notes while viewing a session to refresh your memory later. These notes will be added to the individual session you are viewing Additionally, any note you take will become searchable. Click on notes and start typing your own. You can choose whether you make your notes public to the whole class (Click ‘Make Public’ to make them visible to the class). The notes will automatically save for review at a later time, after the broadcast has ended.


Bookmarks allow you to save a particular spot in a recording to revisit at a later time. Bookmarks will also show up in your search results. If you are at a particular part of the recording you want to remember to come back to later, stop the recording and click Bookmarks. Type some test to remind you of the bookmark point and click Enter.

Technical Assistance

If you believe a live stream should have started but you are unable to locate the link, please contact the ServiceDesk on 0208 392 6000.

If you are having trouble playing a pre-recorded lecture please contact the Moodle helpdesk at moodle@roehampton.ac.uk.


If you are a second or third year student please check that you are not logged into the previous years version of ReCap (Panopto). If you are then you will need to ensure that you are logged out of this version to enable you to access the recordings and live streams for the current year.