Moodle is our virtual learning environment (VLE). Moodle provides a space where lecturers and students can communicate with each other online. All university courses have a presence on Moodle. A typical course will contain resources, interactive activities and communication tools. It is where students will submit their assignments.


Logging in

Your Moodle account:

  • The academic office will have contacted the eLearning team to request that your Moodle account be created. You should then have been sent your login details in a welcome email.
  • Open an up-to-date web browser (e.g. Firefox or Chrome) – IMPORTANT! If you are logged into the Moodle account associated with your parent organisation/university on the browser (Chrome or Firefox), you will not be able to log into the Roehampton Moodle account on the same browser window. We advise you to open an incognito window (press Ctrl+Shift+N for Windows or Shift+CMD+N for Mac).
  • Type or use the Moodle link via the website. If you moderate for one of our collaborative partners, you may need to log into the Partnerships moodle.
  • Click on Roehampton Student and Staff Login button
  • Enter your Roehampton email (e.g. and password and click Log In.
  • If you’re not able to login contact the Service Desk to request password reset (Phone: +44 (0)20 8392 6000 | email: with details of your query, please state that you are an external examiner and include your full name and institution email address).
  • Your department office will enrol you on to the sites you need access to

Accessing module sites and papers

Now you’re ready to view the Moodle sites/modules:

  • Once logged in you will be directed to your Moodle Dashboard. Click on the My Modules tab at the top where you can find all of the Moodle modules you are enrolled on
  • If you do not have access to the modules you require please contact your department administrator or programme convenor. This is your primary contact for questions about content on Moodle

Navigating Moodle modules

Different programmes use Moodle in different ways and to varying degrees. Programme administrators will be able to provide a more detailed introduction to their own Moodle pages. Please request instruction from your programme admin if you have not yet received it.

  • For some programmes there have been specific external examiner modules set up to provide with you with information about Moodle modules, sometimes these will also have direct links to the assessments that you require access to. These will be available from the dashboard when you login. Examples below

Example 1. A site with all the papers available 

Example 2. a site with direct links to the modules

  • For other programmes you may need to navigate to different modules from the dashboard


Finding papers:

  • Please check the instructions sent to you by the programme office. In most standard Moodle modules you can find assignments in the ‘Assessment’ sections or via ‘Course Management’ menu and under ‘Activities’ select the relevant assignments. In most cases it will be a Turnitin assignment (as below), however you may be asked to view Moodle assignments also.


Viewing grades and feedback in the Turnitin submission inbox

Once you are on the assignments page click on each of the assignment titles to view the work. Viewing papers, grades and feedback.

Viewing grades and feedback in the Moodle submission inbox

  • Click on the assignment link and when you are in the inbox click ‘View all submissions’.
  • You will see the list of student submissions below. You can filter by letter to look for a specific student.
  • You should be able to see the students submission (whether it is a document or video or other file type) the students grade and feedback comments and any feedback files that have been attached by the grader.

  • You will need to scroll across to view all the submission details. You can either scroll down the page to use the scroll bar underneath the list of students or you can click on any white space surrounding the students submission details and use the left and right arrow key on your keyboard to scroll to the left and right.

Finding papers in ePortfolios

Viewing ePortfolios

In a very few cases you may be asked to view ePortfolio (blog) assessments depending on the department. For guidance on how to access there please look under ‘Access and advice for External Examiners and other markers

Accessing videos via Recap (Panopto)

In some instances you may be required to access videos via Moodle that have been uploaded to the University’s video sharing platform Recap. The following link provides guidance on how to do this – External Examiners guide to accessing Recap videos.