Blackboard Ally works seamlessly with Moodle to gauge the accessibility of the content on your module and programme sites. Ally provides guidance and tips for lasting improvements to your content accessibility:

  • Receive feedback on the accessibility of your content
  • Improve content accessibility with Ally’s step-by-step instructions

In addition to providing you with insight to your content accessibility, Ally automatically creates alternative versions of your files. This allows students to choose the type of file they want that best suits their needs. While you’re in the process of improving files, students still access alternative copies.

  The guidance on Ally feaures Office 365. If you have an older version of Office on your staff PC, you can either use the online version of Office 365 via the staff portal or request for your applications to be upgraded to Office 365 by creating a ticket on the IT Service Desk

How Blackboard Ally can support you

Please view our short 7 minute video below for an overview of how Ally can assist in improving the accessibility of your Moodle sites.