ReCap (Panopto) Personal Capture

The ReCap (aka Panopto) Personal Capture software enables you to record supplementary teaching resources for students from your own computer. It can record audio, a capture of your screen e.g. with slides and/or a video of you. The final published video can feature thumbnails of PowerPoint slides, contents menu and the function to search all audio and text. Suggestions for use:

  • creating a welcome video for your module
  • creating mini lectures covering key points from your lecture for students to watch prior to teaching with embedded short quizzes
  • podcasts to prepare students for teaching tasks such as assessments or practical sessions e.g. lab activities
  • providing general feedback on assignments to the whole class

                Example of a ReCap recording

Downloaded version Vs Online version

There are two options for Personal Capture for staff to choose from. You can choose to use the version that works best for you. Below is a table  showing the differences between the two. Generally speaking the browser software requires no software to be installed but as a result, provides a much more simplified offer with some features of the installed version being unavailable.

Panopto desktop recorder (installed option) Panopto browser based recorder (online option)
Software needs to be installed locally? Yes No
Needs a live internet connection? Not to record, only needed when uploading the video Yes
Webcast feature (live stream) Yes No
PPT Capture (creating auto chapters in your recording using Ppt slides for ease of navigation) Yes No – However, you can use the Smart Chapter capability to capture your PPT on screen and create a table of contents.
Ability to pause during recording Yes Not currently