Moodle and our other supported technologies offer some vital tools to help staff to gauge how engaged students are with their online resources. These tools may also be used as a means to finding out what parts of your teaching content is most used by your students giving you an insight into possible preferred learning formats as well as a starting point for gathering module feedback from your students.


Checking engagement

Set up virtual coffees and check ins using MS Teams, the Chat activity or Blackboard Collaborate

Ask students what they want – Try using the Choice Activity in your Moodle module or a polling tool during a teaching session

Attendance monitoring for synchronous sessions

You can check the student attendance report for Blackboard Collaborate after running a session. It will tell you who joined and when the joined and left the room (if students attend as guests this data will be not included in the report).

How to intervene when there is a lack of engagement

  • Signpost to students the services where they can get the support needed e.g. Student support, the AA team, Counselling.
  • As well as the tools listed above make use of the course participation report (found via the course management option in the top left of the module site) as it shows how students are engaging with a particular activity and you can message those students who may need a bit of help with their progress:
    • Select the activity/resource you want to review.
    • Choose how far back you want to look.
    • Make sure you are only looking at students.
    • Press Go to load the report.
    • If you have a large class, you may want to filter by name.
    • Students who have completed the activity are shown with Yes beside their name.
    • Students who have not completed the activity have a No.
    • You can select students and then scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will find an option to send a message to those selected.