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Missing your modules on Moodle?
Please contact your programme administrator to request to be enrolled onto your modules.
Forgotten your Moodle login details?
Login to Moodle with your IT username and password. If you are unable to login to Moodle please contact IT to check your login and if needed to reset your password. The Moodle helpdesk is unable to reset your login details. Please be aware that the system uses single sign on so once you are signed into your IT account you should be able to access any of your online accounts in the same browser, such as Moodle, email and library.
How can I find my ePortfolio?
There is a link to ePortfolios can be found on the Moodle homepage. Use your IT username and password to login and click on the My Sites header in the top left corner to find your modules ePortfolio site.
Which browser do you recommend?
We recommend using either Google Chrome or Firefox for accessing Moodle and most of our other technologies. Please avoid using Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. Please ensure you are using up-to-date browsers.
My students are having technical issues during Blackboard Collaborate webinars
Make sure you check the system requirements on the Collaborate guidance page. If it’s your webcam and/or mic that is the issue then you can click on the Collaborate panel (bottom right corner of the page) click on the settings tab and then check your webcam and mic. This test option will provide help if you have problems. Lastly, please ensure you have a good internet connection. Connection can be improved by sitting closer to your internet router or using a hard-wired cable connection. If the guidance and support provided does not resolve the issue please contact the moodle helpdesk.
My students are missing modules on Moodle
Please ask them to check their My Modules page and to check the year filters are allowing them to see all the modules they require. This may mean scrolling to the bottom of the module list and checking to see more modules or clicking on the filters. If the student still cannot see their modules please advise them to contact the programme administrator to check they have been allocated to their modules and had them approved.
None of my students are enrolled on my module site
Check that the module code and module title are correct. If there is a mistake, then students won’t appear on the Moodle site. Please contact us to change the details. If the details are correct, but there are no students appearing, check with your department office.
Students Turnitin paper shows M14 error: Your Session Has Expired.
Why does my Turnitin Assignment show a 'Read Only' mode?
How can I create a video of my lecture?
You may like to try using our ReCap (Panopto) personal capture tool for this purpose. 


Moodle is designed to enhance teaching and learning providing module sites where lecturers and students can interact online. A site will contain course materials, communication tools and activities e.g. assignments.

   MS Teams

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration and video conferencing platform that integrates with other Microsoft/Office 365 apps. It is the ultimate app for hybrid working and education as it comes with many features all in one app such as messaging chat, channels, calling, video meetings, screen sharing, calendar, file sharing, webinars and external collaboration.

  ReCap Lecture Capture

ReCap is a Lecture Capture system that provides supplementary teaching resources for students. It can be scheduled to record lectures by capturing output from the classroom computer and presenter audio which can then be published with a slide by slide navigation menu and displayed in Moodle.


ePortfolios is an online tool for the creation of teaching and learning content, enabling students and staff to publish short posts in chronological order or static webpages. ePortfolios can have one or more authors who can add links, images, videos and podcasts within their posts and pages.


Turnitin is a text-matching software that matches students work to online content incl. other student papers. It’s similarity report could be used as supporting evidence in an AMP. It’s Feedback Studio provides online marking and feedback incl. frequently used, inline and overall comments and rubrics. Similarity reports can help students correct their referencing.

  ReCap Personal Capture

The ReCap Personal Capture software enables staff to record supplementary teaching resources for students from their own computer. It can record audio, a capture of your screen e.g. with slides and/or a video of you. Recordings can then be published with a slide by slide navigation menu and displayed in Moodle.

  Bb Collaborate Webinar Tool

Create an online classroom to share presentation material, including delivering a Powerpoint presentation or share your screen to demonstrate resources such as multimedia, webpages and applications. Webinar rooms include a collaborative whiteboard, polling tools and group breakout rooms. Sessions can be recorded.

 Polling Tools

Polling tools provide an engaging way to increase student participation and achievement, allowing teachers to gauge understanding and gather feedback. Students respond to questions displayed on screen via their mobile devices. Responses can be then be displayed to the room.


Nearpod is an interactive presentation application. Staff can upload existing presentations (e.g. PowerPoint) or create from scratch. A Nearpod presentation can feature quiz questions, polling, drawing questions and many more. Teachers can share their presentations with students by providing the presentation ‘Pin’ for the session using any mobile device.


   Blackboard Ally

Blackboard Ally works seamlessly with Moodle to gauge the accessibility of the content on your module and programme sites. Ally provides guidance and tips for lasting improvements to your content accessibility.

   Digital Accessibility and Inclusivity

This section explores digital accessibility and inclusivity considerations including features in Windows, Mac, Moodle, web accessibility, Universal Design for Learning, and additional considerations.




On this page you’ll find the latest on the status and updates of the systems we look after.

What’s new?

System requirements

Please check the relevant technologies website for the most up-to-date system requirement:

System status pages



What’s available?

eLearning Services are able to offer a range of different training opportunities to support different requirements and these can be organised on request (resources permitting). Please contact your eLearning Adviser.


Face to face or online

If you require a 121 training session we would recommend contacting your eLearning Advisor in the first instance. We can organise an online session using Blackboard Collaborate or Teams (if we require taking control of your screen).


Groups of up to 20

We are able to facilitate group sessions with notice (resources permitting). If you require training on a technology and know of colleagues who may benefit please let us know and we can organise a group session online.


Module training

We do not provide educational technology inductions for students with the exception of modules using ePortfolios. Students can find a range of resources available online or contact  the Moodle helpdesk for any educational technology support


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If you are a student or member of staff at the University of Roehampton please contact us for any eLearning queries.

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