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Using TED-Ed to Create Mini Lessons

What is TED-Ed?

Did you know you can now create mini lessons on TED-Ed?

1: Pick a video

1. Visit
2. Search for any video on YouTube, or simply paste the video’s YouTube link (listed or unlisted) into the search bar.
3. Select a video from the search results.

2: Use the TED-Ed lesson editor to build your lesson

1. Create a custom title for your lesson, or just use the title of the YouTube video.
2. Use the “Let’s Begin” section to add context for your learner(s).
3. Add questions (multiple choice or open answer), extra materials (you can include links and pictures) or discussion topics to the video.


3: Publish and share your lesson!

1. You can always revisit or revise any lesson draft or published lesson by visiting your TED-Ed activity page.
2. You can share any published lesson privately via email or by using the lesson’s unique URL. Only individuals with the lesson’s link will see your lesson.
3. You can edit the settings and sections of your TED-Ed lessons at at any time.


If you’re ready to get started, but you’re not sure what video to use, simply visit the ever-growing library of featured TED-Ed Lessons and navigate to the subject area you teach.

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