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eLearningMeet: Students Feedback! (on their use of Turnitin)

KSC presenting Students Feedback

Karen Shackleford-Cesare presenting “Students Feedback!” at eLearningMeet, University of Roehampton – June 2015


Having implemented online submission, marking and feedback provision via Turnitin in 2013-14, the Departments of Life Sciences and of English and Creative Writing wanted to hear how their students felt about this approach to managing assessment. Hence, the eLearning Advisers for those Departments namely, myself (the ELA for English and Creative Writing) and Janice Kiugu, (the ELA for Life Sciences) teamed together to survey students in these Departments to find out.

Key Findings

Pie chart showing student support for online feedback

Pie chart indicating level of student support for online feedback

The Prezi, Students’ Feedback! below summarises the overwhelmingly positive student survey findings and includes student comments and tutor tips. Two key findings were that, 78% of those surveyed, “would like to submit all [their] assignments online (where feasible)“. Whilst at least 66% of respondents “would like to access most, if not all written  or recorded assessment feedback online”.

More controversially, up to 69% of respondents “don’t mind whether [their] work is marked anonymously or not“, although 30% did. One student explained why s/he was not in favour of anonymous marking, indirectly commenting on the benefits of ipsative assessment, which anonymous marking, (typically adopted in the context of criterion-reference assessment), tends to inhibit.

Hence, this study furnishes other academic Departments with evidence to support a case for moving towards online submission only, (where feasible), and implementing online marking and feedback methods.

The Full Monty

Read the full report about this research, its findings, conclusions and recommendations in Student Survey on Online Submission and Marking via Turnitin.

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