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Storyline: a great eLearning tool to engage your students

Would you be interested in a developing a self-paced method for students to revise difficult topics? Are you struggling with low lecture attendance, or are you thinking about the implementation of lecture capture and would like to try an alternative approach?

Storyline can help! It’s a programme which turns static resources like PowerPoints into interactive eLearning resources. You can easily add sound and video from files or from the web. Learners can be engaged with quiz questions, screen captures and other activities. Learning and achievement can be tracked, and custom feedback can be provided to learners. The resources look professional and appealing, and they can be used on a range of computers and mobile devices.

Storyline_screenshotWords can’t do it justice, so that will give you a good feel for what it can do. There are sound effects, but don’t worry if you haven’t got headphones at hand, it still works without sound.

Once you’ve seen it, you will probably be full of ideas of how you can use it! Here are just a few approaches:

  • You could turn a whole term of lectures into Storyline resources – I’ve seen this done before and students loved it! They felt the Storylines were far superior to traditional lectures as they were forced to check their understanding before progressing through the topic. The lecture time slot continued to have high attendance, as a question and answer session where students learned key information about their assessments.
  • You could start small, and focus on one small thing that you know students struggle with. The best topics to put into Storyline are things that you can reuse – editing is possible but you don’t want something that has to be completely remade from scratch each year.
  • Storyline excels at scenario type learning. Students could learn some content in class, then go away and apply it in the Storyline, and you can use their results to lead a discussion next time.

The very best thing about Storyline is that you don’t have do all the work yourself. The eLearning team have software licenses and expertise in the product, so we will do the development for you. All you need to supply are your ideas and requirements, and some time to discuss how we can best integrate learning.

If you are interested, please get in touch with me to learn more: Crystal Cooper (Technical Development Manager, eLearning Services).

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