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eLearningMeet: Students Feedback! (on their use of Turnitin)

Pie chart showing student support for online feedback

Context Having implemented online submission, marking and feedback provision via Turnitin in 2013-14, the Departments of Life Sciences and of English and Creative Writing wanted to hear how their students felt about this approach to managing assessment. Hence, the eLearning Advisers for those Departments namely, myself (the […]

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UR 2nd ‘eLearningMeet’: What did you miss?

eLearning Services held its second eLearningMeet in the morning of June 29th 2015. Four Roehampton academics along with four eLearning Advisers signed up to present for 7 minutes on their use of technology to aid teaching and learning. This post provides an overview of these presentations and […]

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eLearning Meet: Assessing trainee teachers’ programming projects

At our second eLearningMeet on 29th June 2015, the School of Education’s Miles Berry discussed some of the issues around training primary teachers to deliver the programming elements of the new school computing curriculum, of which he was a co-author. Miles discussed the online Scratch programming environment […]

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What is Nearpod? Nearpod is an online presentation and polling application, which allows users to upload existing presentations (e.g. PowerPoint) as well as create new ones from scratch. Nearpod provides the ability to add interactive features such as quiz questions, polling, drawing questions and many more. Teachers can [...]Read more

Postcards to myself


Making good use of the Moodle Media Collection plug-in A while ago, Finola Farrant, a Criminology lecturer at The University of Roehampton, contacted me to find out whether I could suggest a bit of technology that would help her help her students. In a nutshell, she wanted […]

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eLearningMeet: Bringing Code Club to Vietnam

The first presenter at our eLearningMeet on 10th June, 2014, was Andrew (Andy) Hoang who joined us via Skype from Hanoi, Vietnam. He was formerly an eLearning Adviser at the University of Roehampton and supported the School of Education. On leaving Roehampton Andy immersed himself into life […]

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eLearningMeet: Moving theory, virtual dancing – the transformation to distance learning

Two years ago the Dance Department was awarded a small grant to convert some MA modules from being delivered ‘face-to-face’ to having a ‘distance learning’ delivery mode. One of the modules that underwent this transformation was Dr. Stacey Prickett’s own taught module called Dance and the Politics […]

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eLearningMeet: Using Socrative to take a student exit poll

Julian Hargreaves from the Academic Enhancement Department spoke about his experiences of using the free poll tool Socrative. Julian explained that this could be used at the end of class to investigate how helpful something was, what students have learned and what they would like to revisit. […]

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eLearning Meet: Innovative ways to incorporate Qualtrics into teaching and research practices

This is a summary of notes based on a presentation given by Dr Jennifer Mayer, Lecturer, Department of Psychology, at the Roehampton eLearning Meet held on 10th June 2014 Qualtrics is an online survey tool and the Department of Psychology have been using it for about a […]

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eLearningMeet: Google Apps – tools for collecting data and collaborating

During the eLearningMeet which took place on 10th June, Miles Berry from the School of Education introduced the Audience to Google Apps. He is responsible for teaching Primary School Teacher Trainees about the new computing curriculum as well how to use technology across the curriculum more generally. […]

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