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Online Tools for Ordering Presenters and Timing Presentations

Random Name Picker from eLearningMeet 10-JUN-14 When we held our first eLearningMeet last month, we adopted a couple of handy online gimmicks that colleagues in the School of Education have employed to manage the sequence and timing of presentations at their TeachMeet events. You may find these two free, simple, effective and engaging online tools that we used to:

  1. Select the next speaker at random, and
  2. Time the presentations

useful for managing student presentations for example, in classes you may teach.

The Random Name Picker (shown on the right) by was used to fairly manage the order in which presentations were delivered. One may edit the names on the wheel and then click in the centre of the wheel to make it spin. The name that falls under a black arrow on the left is next.

Set online egg-timer screenshotIf you click on the Random Name Picker image above to go to the site, then click on the Edit link below the title, you can replace the names listed by default, with those of your presenters and Save them. If you set a password when prompted you will be able to edit the list if necessary and also obtain a web address/URL for your customised wheel or a QR code or embed code, (which could be used to embed it on your Moodle module site for instance).

Running online egg-timer screenshotThe online egg-timer used was one of a number of different types of timer available at It is very easy to use and provides a colourful animated display which where feasible, can be projected onto a screen for the audience to see.

If you click on the image with a hours, minutes, seconds display above, it will open this set-up web page and you can set the countdown time by typing in the digits required and then pressing the Set button. This action will display the egg-timer which you can start by clicking the Start button. It is then possible to Pause the timer or start over by clicking on Clear.

We’re keen to hear if you’ve had occasion to use these tools and about any other simple, effective, online tools you know of that may be used to support teaching and learning in some way.

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