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Library catalogue, GradeMark: eLearning Services Staff Newsletter #4

Spring 2016
eLearning Services Staff Newsletter #4

A short and sweet newsletter this week, to go with the short and sweet week! Soon we’ll be in touch with information about getting set up for next year.

Search the Library Catalogue from your Moodle site

Would you like students to search the library catalogue directly from your Moodle site? You can add a catalogue search box to a label or a block with just a little cut and paste.

GradeMark demo teaches you to mark in Turnitin

Online marking mimics marking on paper. In Turnitin the marker uses GradeMark tools to add/type comments on a digital document shown onscreen. Do this easy 5-min interactive tutorial to learn more – even experienced markers may learn some new tricks!

Some advantages of using GradeMark are: Save time by saving comments you frequently write for re-use. Simply “drag ‘n drop” them onto assignments as required. | Saved comments can be edited to personalise them. | Deleting comments doesn’t leave a mark.

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