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New tools, rubrics, deleting submissions, accessibility and auditing students: eLearning Services Staff Newsletter #3

Week 12, Spring 2016
eLearning Services Staff Newsletter #3

The Easter break is almost upon us, which means lots of marking, but hopefully also lashings of sweet treats to get you through it  Here’s a few items that may help you with the Turnitin load, and some new tools to inspire you about next year’s courses.

New Moodle tools: eMargin activity and Progress Bar block

The eMargin tool is a collaborative annotation tool. Students can use it to highlight, colour-code, write notes and assign tags to words or passages of text. The progress bar block shows students a visual representation of their course completion. If you’d like to know more, chat to your eLearning Adviser.

Speed up your marking with rubrics

What is a rubric? These assessment grids are useful pedagogical tools, but also a great way to quickly determine a grade, freeing up time for you to spend on writing comments and providing other useful feedback. Rubrics can be set up even if all your students have submitted already, so it’s not too late to ask us for help!

Deleting submissions from the Turnitin inbox

If a student has submitted to the wrong Turnitin inbox, or they need to resubmit after a deadline, teachers and administrators can safely delete the paper. If they’ve submitted to the wrong Moodle site, you can still delete but it’s a little bit more complicated. Ask if you’re not sure, and if you delete something you shouldn’t have, let us know immediately.

Accessibility block

There’s been lots of discussion lately about supporting students with disabilities after the funding cuts hit. Moodle offers the Accessibility block. Users can select different font sizes and colour schemes, or launch the ATbar which supports online learning (readability, text-to-speech, and more). Take a look and let us know what you think.

New Moodle role: auditing student

You may want to let students see your module without participating, for the purposes of self-enrichment and academic exploration, or to help them make module choices for next year. Ask your department administrators to enrol the student as an Auditing Student. They’ll be able to see resources, but won’t be able to submit to assignments.

Further questions? Contact your department’s dedicated eLearning Adviser

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