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Moodle Users Association

What is the Moodle Users Association?

Moodle Users Association





The Moodle Users Association (MUA) is a not-for-profit association and separate to Moodle HQ (Moodle Pty Ltd).


Members of the association pay a membership fee to join and are given voting rights according to their membership level.  Members launch ideas, and the most favourite proposals, voted for by the members, are developed by Moodle HQ developers into new features.  These features are tested and released into Moodle Core for the benefit of all users across the World.

Membership opened in January 2016.  The University of Roehampton was one of the first UK universities to join as members of this association.

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MUA Activity

The first MUA project was to “Integrate Recycle Bin into Moodle core”.

Outline of this new feature request: If you delete an activity or resource in error there is no way for a course editor to undo / recover the item. Currently the only way to recover items is from either course or database backups. Even then restoring grades back into a live course from a restored (outdated) copy is not always possible.

This has now passed through a Project Development Cycle and been voted by the Membership.

Outcome: The recycle bin will be a part of Moodle 3.1. You can see it now on

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