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iMovie 10.0.2 is here!

The latest version of iMovie has now been installed on the 4 Macs in the Green Room for those interested in getting creative with digital video. If you would like to explore iMovie, feel free to check it out.

What’s new?

  1. The iMovie version 10 interface is less intimidating. It’s clutter- and confusion-free, a big plus for beginners.
  2. iMovie version 10 works seamlessly with both Mac OS and iOS devices.
  3. iMovie offers the same timeline as Final Cut, which has more tools in its toolbox. That makes moving to Final Cut easier.
  4. Tools are discreetly hidden behind buttons for a clean interface.
  5. A simple sidebar accesses photos, video projects, and the rest of the content library. Tasks such as importing videos, creating new projects, and sharing videos make use of the simpler interface.
  6. This version offers real multi-layer editing, with the ability to drag a clip onto another to cutaway to the second clip.
  7. An Undo button is prominently displayed and is visible on both Mac and iOS devices.
  8. There are 16 new title styles, 14 new trailer templates, and 8 new movie themes.
  9. Editors can slow the action down with new slow-motion controls in the timeline.
  10.  iMovie 10 has learned to share. Previous versions were not that user-friendly, but users will now find simple export controls.

iMovie Supported Cameras

iMovie Tutorial

For more on iMovie version 10′s new features, check out this tutorial by director Mitch Davis:

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