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eLearningMeet: Using Nearpod with primary education students

Emily Rotchell “Using Nearpod with Primary Education students” at eLearningMeet, University of Roehampton – June 2015

Emily Rotchell from the School of Education talked about her experience of using Nearpod with her Primary trainee teachers teaching Geography.

Nearpod is an online presentation and polling application, which allows users to upload existing presentations (e.g. PowerPoint) as well as create new ones from scratch. Nearpod provides the ability to add interactive features such as quiz questions, polling, drawing questions and many more. Teachers can share their presentations with students by providing the presentation ‘Pin’ for the session using computers or mobile devices. Read the full Nearpod user guide here.

Emily also highlighted some technical issues such as WiFi capability in classrooms. Overall her students liked it as they had learnt something new and were keen to use it in their own future careers.

You can view Emily’s eLearningMeet presentation created using Nearpod below. Simply type a name when prompted and then you will be able to navigate from slide to slide. A name is needed so that you can participate in the online interactive elements shown in this presentation:

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