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eLearningMeet: Google Apps – tools for collecting data and collaborating

During the eLearningMeet which took place on 10th June, Miles Berry from the School of Education introduced the Audience to Google Apps. He is responsible for teaching Primary School Teacher Trainees about the new computing curriculum as well how to use technology across the curriculum more generally.

He began his presentation by showing us the device he was using, a Google Chromebook ( This is a low-cost solution which still offers a lot of functionality and as a result is becoming a popular device with many.

He then moved on to the Google Apps suite which is free for anyone to access that has a Gmail or YouTube account. As well as providing users with software similar to Microsoft Office, it is also possible to create a form which allows teachers to survey their students. After demonstrating how quickly this can be done, he moved onto sharing easy ways we could then distribute the survey by creating a shortened or customised link using a site such as Bitly ( or by creating a QR code ( so that it can be easily accessed on mobile devices.

The final part of his presentation focused on the presentation tool in Google which is similar to PowerPoint but has a number of advantages over it. Firstly, as it is an online document it can be made available to students immediately and secondly, that it can become a collaborative document. So, in certain circumstances he has invited students to collectively add content and build the presentation together as a group.

You can watch Mile’s full presentation below:

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