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eLearningMeet: Bringing Code Club to Vietnam

AndyHoang teaching for Code Club in VietnamThe first presenter at our eLearningMeet on 10th June, 2014, was Andrew (Andy) Hoang who joined us via Skype from Hanoi, Vietnam. He was formerly an eLearning Adviser at the University of Roehampton and supported the School of Education. On leaving Roehampton Andy immersed himself into life in Hanoi, organising Meetups, (one for locals wanting to improve their English) and introducing the Code Club to primary schools there.

What is the ‘Code Club’?

Code Club is a nationwide network of free volunteer-led after-school coding clubs for children aged 9-11.

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Code Club logoThe primary purpose of this organisation is to recruit volunteers to teach computer programming to older primary school students. The Code Club has developed instructional materials in the form of projects. With tutoring and support from their Code Club volunteer, students undertake one project a week, which may entail creating a computer game, an animation or a website. In the first two terms, students learn the basic concepts of programming by doing their projects with Scratch. They progress to learning to code in HTML, CSS and Python in projects undertaken in the 3rd and 4th terms of the course.

Code Club World logoIn the video below, Andy describes firstly, how this educational UK charity came into being and has now expanded from the shores of Britain to encompass the world. Then, he explains how one can get involved either as volunteer wanting to teach programming skills or as a school wanting to start a Code Club for its students. In addition, Andy discusses how through his use of Meetup, he initiated a group project to translate Code Club’s training materials into Vietnamese. He then went on to establish 3 Code Clubs in 3 schools in Hanoi.

Code Club Vietnam Presentation for Roehampton Elearning meet 10 June 2014

(Use this link to download the PowerPoint slideshow and notes shown in the video above)

Can Code Club help you?

Are you looking for a new challenge? This could be an opportunity to get some teaching experience outside the formal school setting often with support from professional teachers. It could also provide an opportunity for academics in education to mentor or support their trainee student teachers in this new arena. Some of the people seeking to improve their English through a Vietnamese Meetup group that Andy started, collaborated on the translation project.  Then of those, a few became volunteers teaching Vietnamese children to code although they had no prior programming experience. This despite the fact that the Code Club website insists that a computer programming background is an essential skill to get involved as a tutor particularly in the 3rd and 4th terms.

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