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eLearning Meet: Moodle Completion Tracking and Conditional Activities

Due to time constraints I was not unable to present at the eLearningMeet event on 29th June. However, I intended to talk about Moodle Completion Tracking and Conditional Activities.

Completion Tracking

Guide_Reports_ActivityCompletionReportYou may have seen check (tick) boxes appear against your resources and activities on your Moodle site. Those check boxes help you track a student’s progress and identify potential areas of concern. On the other hand, Completion Tracking provides your students a linear guided progression through the module. It is particularly useful for self-study modules.

Conditional Activities

Conditional Activities are an advanced feature in Moodle. Teachers can restrict access to an activity or resource by setting conditions such as dates (e.g. the resource or activity is only available to access on the date you specify), achieving a particular score on another activity (e.g. Quiz, Assignment, Checklist etc.) or a particular resource or activity needs to be completed. Once the condition(s) have been met, the resource or activity would be available to access. This features can also be used to guide student progression through a module.

Moodle Completion Tracking and Conditional Activities user guide is available here.

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