Managing large cohorts in Turnitin (Staff) ‘natalie reviewed’

With large groups of students, marking is often shared between several people. The anonymous marking feature makes it difficult for markers to know which papers they should mark. You can make this easier to manage by: Setting up groups and separate Turnitin inboxes so each marker knows what they are … Continue reading

Downloading a Turnitin assignment

Navigate to the specific assignment and open up the graded paper in document viewer. Click on the download icon (this is the grey down arrow second from the bottom). You can choose which version you wish to download: Current view – this will download the paper with similarity and feedback … Continue reading

How to Access Grades and Feedback via Turnitin (Student)

Most lecturers will mark work submitted via Turnitin using the Turnitin Grademark tool. The post date tells you when the grade and feedback will be released. It should be within 20 working days of the due date. You should always take the time to read your feedback as well as … Continue reading

Using groups to filter Turnitin inboxes (Staff)

This guide explains how to use groups to filter a Turnitin assignment inbox to show only a certain group of students. You may wish to do this for several reasons. It can assist with marking if more than one marker accesses an inbox, so they will be able to easily select their group … Continue reading

Searching and Sorting Turnitin Inboxes (Staff)

You can sort the inbox by any column by clicking the column heading. It sorts in ascending order by default; click the heading again to reverse the order. This feature is useful as you can: Sort descending on Submitted to see who submitted late Sort descending on Similarity to flag … Continue reading

Excluding or including a match in the Turnitin similarity report (Staff)

Any source or match source can be removed from the similarity report, if you determine the match is not needed. This feature is used for many reasons, but is often used when a paper has been submitted twice or more to Turnitin and the report is reporting a 100% match … Continue reading

A student has submitted their Turnitin assignment to the wrong place (staff)

There are two possible approaches to transfer a student’s paper to another assignment inbox within the same module. Usually you would do this if a student mistakenly submitted to the wrong assignment box. However, it is not possible to move an assignment to another Moodle site without affecting the similarity … Continue reading

Viewing and Interpreting a Turnitin Similarity Report

When you submit an assignment, Turnitin will generate a score and a similarity report (previously known as an originality report). If you have questions about the report and how to interpret it, this is the guide for you. The most important thing to understand about the similarity report is that … Continue reading

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