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Moodle End of Year Process (Summer 2018)


This communication is about the Moodle end of year process and preparation of Programme, Module and Professional Services sites for academic year 2018-19. It is important that you read this carefully as there will be times when Moodle is not accessible.


  Key Dates

  • 18th June – Moodle 2016-17 (Upgraded)
  • 19th June – Moodle 2017-18 (Upgraded)
  • 4th July – Moodle 2018-19 (Released)
  • 8th October – Moodle 2015-16 (Taken down)

Monday 18th June

Moodle 2016-17 (https://archive2016.roehampton.ac.uk)

  • Not accessible between 7am-12pm
  • Upgraded to latest version (Moodle 3.5)

Tuesday 19th June

Moodle 2017-18 (https://moodle.roehampton.ac.uk)

Wednesday 4th July

  • Accessible from 1pm
  • Latest version (Moodle 3.5) with theme and functionality upgrades. The site will look and feel different but guidance and support will be made available.
  • Released to staff only so preparations for academic year 2018-19 can be made (ensure sites are ready by week commencing 13th August).
  • Student access from week commencing 13th August. Programme/Professional Services sites to be accessible immediately. Module sites to appear after choices are confirmed by administrators in Student Allocator (subject to a 48 hour delay).


  Advanced Preparation Sites

If you requested an advanced preparation site (a copy of 2017-18 Programme/Module sites for setting up prior to Moodle 2018-19 release) you will be able to access these sites in Moodle 2018-19 from 4th July.

Administration tasks will be carried out to remove 2017-18 Programme/Module sites and replace them with advanced preparation sites. If an advanced preparation site is empty or has minimal content compared to its predecessor then we will contact module convenors to confirm which site will be utilised for 2018-19.


  Archive Sites

After the launch of Moodle 2018-19, previous Moodle sites will continue to remain available and will be referred to as archive sites. The Moodle archives hold copies of sites from the previous two academic years e.g. Moodle 2017-18 and Moodle 2016-17.

The archive site, Moodle 2015-16 will be available for a short period before being backed up and taken down on Monday 8th October 2018. This backup will be retained on an offline storage space and will not be accessible. Please ensure that any content you need from this Moodle site is backed up in advance of this date.


  Contact Us

If you have any queries relating to this essential upgrade work then please contact Moodle support:

      (020) 8392 5006
     Mon-Fri, 9am-2pm and 4-5pm

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