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QAHE Turnitin submission practice


Below are the six most common Turnitin submission scenarios and how they are expected to be dealt with. These guidelines  have been agreed by QAHE in conjunction with Roehampton.  

Submission to wrong Turnitin inbox on correct moodle page

Prior to deadline: Incorrectly submitted assignments need to be deleted off moodle by QAHE teaching or support staff. Students must re-submit to the correct Turnitin submission area. NB This will not affect their similarity percentage. 

After deadline: Relevant assignments need to be moved to the correct inbox via the TurnitinUK website by QAHE teaching or support staff. NB The original date & time stamp will be retained and the similarity report will not be affected.

Anonymous marking: You may have to look at the logs to identify a student’s submission. Filtering the moodle Turnitin logs by a particular student will tell you the exact submission time & title which will help you find the paper in an anonymised inbox. Course Mgt < Logs < Select TII inbox as activity and name of student

Workaround: If you are unable to move papers on the TurnitinUK website, you may download copies from moodle and manually upload them to the correct place while deleting them from the wrong inbox. NB This will not retain the original date & time of submission which you will need to make a note of it to ensure that papers are not treated as late. Please note that this is extra work for everyone involved in the marks admin and will also email a new digital receipt to the students which may confuse them. 

Submission to wrong moodle page

Treated as a non-submission if not picked up prior to the deadline. Assignments cannot be moved via the TurnitinUK website. Should the student end up uploading their paper to the correct moodle page, the similarity will be flagged up and if the paper ends up being marked, the match needs to be excluded from the report.

Turnitin rejects submission (wrong file type, no valid text etc.)

  • If a paper is rejected by Turnitin, students will receive an error message telling them what’s wrong with their paper. It’s the student’s responsibility to double check their submission has gone through and reach out for help or consult the help guides if in doubt. If they ignore the error message, they may not have a submission against their name as a result.  

Prior to deadline: Students are able to revisit and fix their submission and upload an updated version as normal up until the deadline. 

After deadline: All inboxes accept late submissions up until the 7-day cut-off point provided students haven’t made a prior submission. Students will have one single attempt to upload their final version. Their work will be treated as late and will be capped.

  • In some cases, we end up seeing a Submit to Turnitin link against a submission. Clicking on the link will make moodle try to push the paper through to Turnitin again. This will replicate the same error message that the student would have received (and chose to ignore). 

Prior to deadline: Student may simply resubmit as above. 

After deadline: If a Submit to Turnitin link is spotted by the convenor as part of the initial checks and prior to the 7 day cut-off, the student should be contacted and asked to upload their final version. The assignment should then be treated as late and will be capped.

M14 - your session has expired error

This has been a bit of a Turnitin glitch for years and often students are not at fault as often no prompt is produced at time of upload, so many of them don’t realise there is a problem with their paper.

If a submission cannot be opened due to an M14 error, it needs to be refreshed via the TurnitinUK website. Please contact Cara in the B’ham Library if you face any issues. NB When papers are pushed through to the server via the TII website the original date & time stamp is retained.

Workaround: If push comes to shove, the paper can be downloaded off moodle and manually resubmitted on behalf of the student whereby a note of the submission date/time should be kept for marks admin to ensure students are not capped unnecessarily.  

Email submissions

Students emailing their work to their tutors for assessment & upload onto Turnitin undermines the university’s online submission practice. Email submissions must not be accepted, marked or uploaded on students’ behalf (not possible in anonymised inbox anyway). Students should be encouraged to make a submission prior or after the deadline.   

Replacing papers with later version past deadline

Student has already submitted a draft but wants to upload a later version after the deadline. In this case, Turnitin won’t accept submissions past the deadline and unless the paper is manually deleted off moodle. Students should be advised to use the Turnitin test pages for draft submissions. Papers should not be deleted off moodle to make room for later versions, whichever version has been submitted prior the deadline should be marked. 

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