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Why does my Turnitin Assignment show a ‘Read Only’ mode? (staff)

  • You may have tried to access a Turnitin Assignment in order to provide feedback, or grade a submission.
  • A student may have tried to submit a paper.

However,  you are prevented from doing so since the class has apparently expired and is currently ‘read only’.

Read Only lock

Read Only

Why does this message appear?

When a Teacher creates a Turnitin assignment (using the Moodle Direct v2 plugin) for the first time within a Moodle course, a Turnitin class is also created for that course on the Turnitin database. This class has a default end date which is typically six months from the creation date, or it is set to the date of the latest post-date for the Turnitin assignments in the class. Once the end date is reached, the class becomes “expired,” which means any submissions in the class are read-only.

Any student enrolled in an expired class will NOT count against the Institution’s Turnitin student limit.

How do I change the class from ‘expired’ to ‘active’?

It is not possible to change the default class end date in the Moodle integration. However you can take the following steps to extend the class end date so the class becomes active once more:

  1. Login to Moodle
  2. Navigate to the relevant Moodle course
  3. Open the relevant Turnitin assignment in the course
  4. Edit the Post Date to a date in the future.  This will cause the class end date to be extended so the class becomes active again.
  5. Change the post date back to whatever you would like it to be.
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