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Setting up a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra webinar/video conference (staff)


Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a real-time video conferencing tool that allows you to share files and applications through the use of a virtual classroom and interact with your students using chat and video.


  1. System requirements: DO Laptop & desktop PC using Google Chrome; Android Smartphone with Google Chrome browser. DON’T Smartphone, tablet or similar running iOS (Apple iPhone/iPad etc.), any Blackboard apps or a laptop/PC browser other than Google Chrome. 
  2. Browser check: Do you have the latest version of Google Chrome installed on your device? 
  3. Best Practice: To achieve the best possible live chat experience for yourself and your students, please familiarise yourself with the session best practices.


This is a 2-part process: 1) Create a link to the session on your moodle page. 2) Create the session and specify the settings using the Blackboard Collaborate scheduler.


  1. Turn Editing on on your moodle page, Add an activity or resource, select External tool from the list.
  2.  Select Collaborate Ultra from the type drop down list and chose New window as launch container. Enter the session details in the Activity name field. Please note that this field will show as link to the session on your moodle page. Hit the Save and return to course button.editing-external-tool


  1. On your moodle page, click on the newly created session link which opens up the Blackboard Collaborate scheduler.
  2. NB Disable the default course room as this may confuse your learners and they may end up in the wrong session.bb-collaborate-sessions
  3. Set up the session using the BB scheduler. Allow for early entry. Also, you may want to disseminate a direct URL to the session to any external participants, guest lecturers etc. who don’t have access to the Roehampton moodle. Change the default guest role to Presenter for unrestricted permissions during your session. Learn more about how to manage your participants and the different roles in the following section. bb-collaborate-sessions1
  4. Session settings: Restrict in which way participants can engage in your session by ticking/unticking the appropriate boxes. The main difference between the Presenter and Participant role is that participant permissions can be set prior to the session and changed throughout the session by the convenor (moderator). Presenters, on the other hand, have full access from the start and they can also share files which is the one thing that Participants even with full access can’t. NB If you won’t be able to actively control permissions throughout the session and you want students to fully engage, simply select Presenter as default role.
  5. Allow for Recording Downloads if required. Sessions can still be recorded but won’t be available for download unless this box is ticked. bb-collaborate-sessions2

NB You can always return to the session settings in the BB scheduler and amend them to meet your requirements. If you have accidentally closed your browser, simply click on the session access link on your moodle page and you’ll be taken back to the scheduler. You can also access past sessions set up on the same moodle page via the session drop down menu.


  1. Know the tools
  2. Roles & how to manage participants
  3. Session attendance reports: in the session scheduler, click on the three little dots next to your session, select View Reports.bb-collaborate-sessions6
  4. Share content & use the chat
  5. Record your session
  6. Create breakout groups (requires latest version of Google Chrome)
  7. Live Closed Captioning to improve the learning experience for students who are deaf and hard of hearing


  1. Are your audio & video working?
  2. Upload a profile picture which will be saved for future sessions.
  3. Advise your students to check out our help guide on participating in a session prior to your webinar.


Recordings are stored in the BB session scheduler. Access the menu link in the top left hand corner and select Recordings.


NB Downloads aren’t currently available on mobile. Learners will still be able to view recorded sessions though. Also, guests who were sent a link to partricpate won’t be able to access the session scheduler and the recordings. They will have to either access them through the link on your moodle page or if they haven’t got access to moodle, they will have to be sent the actual mp4 file via Dropbox, WeTransfer or similar.


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