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Running a TurningPoint Session


The Audience response systems aka clickers have been in use at Roehampton for several years now. They are used quite significantly in the Department of Life Sciences and a few other Departments across the University.

The systems allow a lecturer to pose questions to students in class and gather immediate feedback on responses. The software integrates seamlessly with PowerPoint and if you are familiar with PowerPoint, using the software will be extremely easy.

Feedback from staff and students who use them is that they are fantastic in keeping students engaged and making in class sessions more interactive. Some of the key uses and benefits of the system include:

  • Immediate feedback for the lecturer – the lecturer can monitor understanding and assess whether to focus on specific aspects, slow down the pace of the lecture etc.
  • Immediate feedback for students – students can monitor their understanding of key concepts in class.
  • Peer instruction through creating opportunities for discussion – participants can be assessed before and after discussion amongst peers to measure learning gain.
  • Game based learning- Individual and team competitions can be set up to asses learning.
  • Increased engagement and participation in class – responses can be anonymised allowing students who would not normally raise their hands and respond to questions to do so.

For more information about the systems, click on the following link: http://www.turningtechnologies.co.uk/

Training guides and support are available directly from the following page: http://www.turningtechnologies.co.uk/training/, step by step guide

*refer to PowerPoint Polling

Quick guide
The following link provides information on Using-the-Keypads

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