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Turnitin submission information for Business School students (student)


This guide is linked in every Business School module, so all the information about submitting to Turnitin is easy for you to find. More Turnitin guides can be found at our help guide site.

You can also contact the eLearning team for support. We’re available to call or visit during Moodle helpdesk hours.

How do I submit to Turnitin?

To submit your assignment, please follow the steps in this guide.

What do I do if I am submitting after the deadline?

If it’s after the deadline, and you haven’t got an extension, you need to submit to the normal inbox. The marker will see the time and date that you submitted, and will apply the late work policy. Please remember if you submit after 1.59pm your work will be marked as late – all work has to be in before 2pm to be marked as on time.

If you have an extension or request for mitigating circumstances (see the module handbook to find out more) then you will be added to a group. You’ll see a new inbox for authorised late submissions. You should only submit to this inbox. The same will apply if you are resitting – you will see a new inbox for resit submissions.

What file types can be submitted?

The best choice is a Microsoft Word .doc or .docx file, but see this guide for information about other file types.

What if my file is over the size limit?

Try these steps to reduce the size. Please note that you should only submit in PDF format if you can’t get the file size small enough. You should check that you can view the assignment after you have submitted it, because there is a risk that Turnitin will not be able to read the PDF (especially if saved on a Mac).

How do I check my originality score before the deadline?

You may check your score by submitting your file to the submission inbox. You will be able to keep resubmitting until the due date shown above. Please note, you can only resubmit with instant results 3 times, after that it will take 24 hours for the originality report to show when re-submitting work.

If it is after the due date shown above, and you have not got an extension, you will only be able to make one final submission to the inbox. In this case you can check your originality score by going to your dashboard and clicking the Turnitin Student Practice/Test Site. Work submitted to the test site isn’t saved in the Turnitin database, and your lecturers don’t have access.

If you have an extension, or are resitting the assignment, you will have access to a separate inbox with a different due date. You can test your work there as long as it’s before the due date shown in that inbox, and after the due date you can test with the Practice/Test site.

When will I receive my similarity report?

  • within 5-15 minutes of submission (only the first three submissions that are made to this box)
  • within 24 hours (further resubmissions to this box)

If you find that your report is taking longer than 24 hours to generate, please see this guide about pending status, which includes instructions for getting support.

When and how do I get my feedback?

See your handbook for policies on feedback time. The post date, which can be seen on the submission page, will give you an indication. When the marks are released, you can access your grade and comments online following these steps.

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