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How to submit an assignment to Turnitin (including resubmission and testing)


Almost all assignments at Roehampton are submitted through Turnitin. This guide walks you through the submission process on the Turnitin test site. The process should be the same when you are submitting work in your modules.

The deadline for most assignments is 2pm. This means your file must be fully uploaded before the world clock changes from 1:59 to 2:00pm. If your computer clock is set to a different time, this would not be accepted as a reason for a late submission.

You must allow plenty of time to submit to Turnitin. Trying to submit very close to the deadline is risky! There may be a technical problem with your file or the server may be slow. If this happens, your work will usually be considered late, especially if you do not contact Moodle Support for help before the deadline. The consequence for late submission is that your grade will be capped.

The Turnitin test site becomes available in October each year, and can be found under your list of modules. If you do not have access to the test site, please contact us. If you have already used the test site to check other work, you can also check your work in the Turnitin links inside your modules. Resubmissions should be allowed until the due date.

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  1. Login to Moodle and navigate to the relevant module site. Click on the Turnitin assignment link. Look for the Turnitin icon, or find all Turnitin Assignments under the Course Management panel. If you cannot find the link, please contact your lecturer or module convenor.

Your first submission - accepting the user agreement

For your first submission only, you must accept the Turnitin user agreement. You cannot submit your assignment unless you agree.

Click the banner at the top of the assignment, then read through the agreement and click I agree.


  1. The My Submissions page will open.
    1. Sometimes your assignment will have multiple parts. Each part needs to be submitted separately by clicking on the tab for each part.
  2. Notice there are three dates:
    1. Start date: you can’t submit before this time.
    2. Due date: the deadline for your assignment. If you are submitting late or have mitigating circumstances/extensions then you will not be able to submit to the standard inbox. You will need to submit to the late/extensions assignment link.
    3. Post date: when your grades and feedback will be released.
  3. Click Submit Paper to make a submission. You may need to accept the Turnitin user agreement at the top of the screen first. If you don’t see the submit paper icon, this guide will help you.
  4. Usually you want Submission Type to be File Upload. If you need to submit plain text only, select that by using the drop down menu.
  5. Enter a meaningful Submission Title for your assignment. Keep it short and simple.
  6. Upload your file into the File to Submit box, following either method A or method B below.

A. Uploading your file with drag-and-drop (recommended method)

Simply drag the file into the box and wait for it to upload. You will know it has succeeded when you see an icon as shown above.

B. Uploading your file with the file picker, from your computer or from Google Drive or Dropbox

  1. turnitin_filepicker_1617Click the Add button as shown on the image above.
  2. To upload from your computer, click Upload this file and click Browse to locate your file.
  3. To upload from Google Drive or Dropbox, follow this guide to select your file.
  4. Click Upload this file.
  5. The file picker will close and you will see an icon of the file appear as in the image above.

  1. Select the checkbox to confirm the statement.
  2. Click Add Submission
  3. A page will appear temporarily informing you that your submission is in progress. This should not take longer than a minute. If it is taking longer, contact us for support.
  4. A screen displaying your Digital receipt will then appear. It will also include a short extract from your assignment. If it has not worked, you will most likely see one of these common error messages:
  5. turnitin_success_1617Click outside the digital receipt window to close it. Your submission will now appear in the My Submissions page.
    1. To open your submission and review it, click the title.
    2. Your Paper ID number will show here. You will also receive a copy by email.
    3. You can see the date and time of submission here.
    4. When the similarity report is ready, your score will show here. Learn more about the similarity report.
    5. To resubmit, click the submit paper icon and go through the same steps. Normally you can resubmit as many times as you like until the deadline. Please note that similarity reports for resubmissions will take 24 hours to generate, please click here for more information on resubmissions. This guide explains what to do if you can’t see the submit paper icon in order to resubmit.
  6. After submitting to a Turnitin Assignment inbox, you will automatically receive a digital receipt email to your Roehampton email account, confirming a successful submission. For more information about the digital receipt click here.
Remember! If you are submitting your work late or have mitigating circumstances/extensions then you will not be able to submit to the standard inbox. You will need to submit to the late/extensions assignment inbox.

How to Access Grades and Feedback via Turnitin

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