ePortfolios: Submitting your work


If you have been requested to use an ePortfolio (CampusPress) site for an assessment then please follow the guidance below;

  • You will need to ensure that you have published all the pages and posts that make up your final submission before the due date. Check that you can see all of the work that you wish to submit on your published/live site (e.g. eportfolios.roehampton.ac.uk/smitha). Delete or revert to draft the work you do not want marked.
  • IMPORTANT! You will not be able to publish your work after the due date has passed.
  • As well as publishing your work you may be required to submit a link to the work, along with other information, to a submission point on Moodle. Look on your Moodle module for guidance on this and if you are unsure speak to your lecturer.

How do I publish my work?
What if I have mitigating circumstances?
What if I am submitting late?
Grades and Feedback
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