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Auto-Create Groups to Filter Turnitin Inboxes (Staff)


The Auto-create groups function quickly assigns your students to multiple groups and includes the option to randomise group membership. This is a quick and optimum solution if you need to divide marking between teachers while maintaining anonymity. This can be set up either before or after submissions. It will enable teachers to easily select their group of students in their Turnitin inbox.

To use Auto-create groups:

Step 1:

Go to Administration > Users > Groups > click Auto-create groups. The Auto-create groups page will open.

Step 2:

For Naming scheme, enter the group name you would like to use for your groups. Moodle will automatically generate names based on what you enter.

  • An “@” sign will generate a letter (e.g., “Group @” will generate Group A, Group B, Group C)
  • A “#” sign will generate a number (e.g., “Group #” will generate Group 1Group 2Group 3)

If you wan the name of the groups to be the name of the teachers, go for one of the above naming options and then you can rename them later in step 9.

Step 3:

From the Auto create based on drop-down menu, choose how you want to divide your students:

  • Number of groups will form groups based on the total number of groups you select (If you are creating groups for marking purpose, select this option and state the number of markers in the next step.
  • Members per group will form groups based on the number of members you want in a group

Note: If you select Members per group, under the Group members settings, check Prevent last small group. If a remaining group is less than the size you set, Moodle will place these members into other groups (preventing a group of 1 student).

Step 4:

For Group/member count (required), enter the number of groups/members you would like in each group.

Step 5:

Under the Group members settings, from the Select members with role drop-down menu, choose ‘Student’.

Step 6:

From the Allocate members drop-down menu, select how you want group members to be assigned to groups. The default setting is Randomly. You can also sort alphabetically by First nameLast name, or Student ID#.

Step 7:

Under the Grouping settings, use the Grouping of auto-created groups drop-down menu and select ‘No grouping’.

Step 8:

Click Preview to see a preview of the groups. If you are satisfied, click Submit.

Step 9 (Optional):

If you wish to rename the group names, select the group you wish to rename and then click on ‘Edit group settings’, type the new group name in place of the old group name and then scroll-down and click on ‘Save changes’.

To Set up your assignment with the visible groups setting:

Step 1:

Go to the settings of the Turnitin assignment to which you wish to add the groups, or set up a new Turnitin assignment with the settings you would usually use. If you need further information, see our guide on how to set up a Turnitin assignment.

Step 2:

On the settings page, scroll-down to ‘Common module settings’. Here you need to set:

  • Group mode: visible groups
  • Grouping: select none
  • Available for group members only: should be unchecked

Step 3:

Scroll-down and click on ‘Save and display’.

Step 4:

Now when you go into the Turnitin inbox, you will see a drop-down box at the top left of the screen. It will show All participants by default, but staff members can select the appropriate group, and the inbox will be filtered to show only the submissions from members of that group.


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