• Updates for 2018-19

    We have updated our most popular guides for Moodle 2018-19. The remaining guides will be updated throughout the summer.


(Re)submitting a moodle assignment: audio podcast, coding etc.

Certain assessments such as audio podcasts, codings or similar may require you to make your submissions to a moodle assignment inbox rather than Turnitin. Some of those assignments may also produce a Turnitin similarity report if set up in such a way by your tutor. Upload your files The submission … Continue reading

Uploading a video to Vimeo and video link to Moodle (Student)

The guidance below contains information for students on how to submit their video assignment for the ‘Making Connections – QTS020C001Y’ module. Students are required to submit their video assignment to the Vimeo website as a private video (with a password) and then copy the link and submit it to Moodle for comments … Continue reading

How to Access Grades and Feedback via Turnitin (Student)

Most lecturers will mark work submitted via Turnitin using the Turnitin Grademark tool. The post date tells you when the grade and feedback will be released. It should be within 20 working days of the due date. You should always take the time to read your feedback as well as … Continue reading

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