• Updates for 2018-19

    We have updated our most popular guides for Moodle 2018-19. The remaining guides will be updated throughout the summer.

Preparing Moodle for Academic Year 2018-19

Summary of Actions Completed

Below is a summary of the work that has been completed during the Moodle End of Year Process (Summer 2018):

  • Moodle 2018-19 created for new academic year (https://moodle.roehampton.ac.uk)
  • Programme, Module and Professional Services sites (including content) copied over from Moodle 2017-18 to Moodle 2018-19
  • All sites and content in Moodle 2018-19 reset, which includes:
    • Removing redundant sites (not running in 2018-19)
    • Removing student enrolments*
    • Removing Turnitin inboxes and Moodle assignments
    • Removing data (news and announcements, forum posts, activity reports, etc.)
    • Updating start dates
  • Moodle 2017-18 turned into an archive, allowing users to access it via a new web address (https://archive2017.moodle.roehampton.ac.uk)
  • Moodle 2017-18 (archive) can be used for reference purposes and by students that are still completing courses, taking resits or resubmitting work
  • All Moodle sites upgraded to software version 3.5 providing the latest functionality, stability and security improvements

*Student enrolments were removed from Moodle 2018-19 to allow academic staff and administrators, the chance to assess and update their sites ahead of the new academic year. Please ensure that you follow the checklist below and all sites are ready for student access by 31st August.

New Features

There are a number of new features in Moodle 2018-19. Some of the highlights include:

  • A new theme improving both the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). This brings about changes to the appearance and layout of Moodle, incorporating design elements aligned to the University’s brand guidelines and improving accessibility and mobile responsiveness.
  • Customisation of the Dashboard allowing users to set ‘Favourites’
  • Overviews and direct access to activities from the Dashboard
  • More efficient management of module participants
  • Improved GDPR compliance
  • Improved messaging
  • Improved question banks
  • A course management panel in every course, making it easy for staff to locate activities, manage users, view reports and more. This appears differently for students who get an overview of their module and their activities.
  • A Support block for students appears in every course. This provides links to the most frequently used services and resources (library, disability, IT, etc).


We strongly recommend following this checklist to ensure a smooth start to 2018-19:

  • Login to Moodle 2018-19 – https://moodle.roehampton.ac.uk
  • Take the User Tour – Access a Programme or Module site to activate the tour when you first login. This will assist you in getting familiar with the new theme and some of the main changes
  • Check Sites – Ensure that Programme, Module and Professional Services sites exist within Moodle, have the correct code (if the module code is incorrect students will not be enrolled), and are accessible. Please notify us of any issues immediately by emailing moodle@roehampton.ac.uk.
  • Check Site Content – please check your sites to make sure your content has moved across correctly. Things to check include:
    • Links to documents
    • Links to websites
    • Embedded content i.e. Videos
    • Activities i.e. Quizzes, Forums, Glossaries, etc.
  • Moodle Assignments – These will not have been copied across from Moodle 2017-18 so you will need to setup new assignments. See below under ‘Points to note’ for further information on assignments and Turnitin inboxes.
  • Resource Lists
    • This year, existing links to Resource Lists using the Moodle plug in continue to work after rollover. The Library and eLearning teams have worked with Talis Aspire (resource list supplier) to maintain the existing links between Moodle and Resource Lists.
    • Students can have access to their reading in the Moodle course content. Academic members of staff are able to create new links to sections of online Resource Lists using our Moodle plug in. Click here for a help guide or a video tutorial
    • Please contact the Library engagement team by emailing libraryengagement@roehampton.ac.uk if you require more support with this, particularly if you’re thinking of re-arranging your Resource List or Moodle site sections

Points to note:

  • Blocks – These are no longer located on the right hand side within modules e.g. Support, Lecture Capture, Quickmail, etc. To access blocks, click ‘Module blocks’ located on the banner image at the top of each site (please complete the ‘User Tour’ to find out more). By default they are all on the right hand side in this area, but you now have three columns to put them in, so feel free to move them around.
  • Turnitin Assignments – Each year Moodle connects to a fresh instance of Turnitin to allow new submission inboxes for the coming academic year to be created. Turnitin inboxes will not have been copied across from Moodle 2017-18. Please DO NOT CREATE any Turnitin inboxes as these will be centrally created and made available within sites at the beginning of the academic year. Further communications about this process will be sent out in due course.
  • Moodle/Turnitin AssignmentsDO NOT DELETE Turnitin inboxes or Moodle assignments from the Moodle 2017-18 (archive) site.
  • Course management panel: students now see an area with the course description here, so you may want to fill it in (if you already have an existing “about this module” block, it’s a good place to move this text). It can be found under ‘edit course settings’. You can also upload a header image here. 

Contact Us

If you need further assistance or experience any difficulties then please contact us:


(020) 8392 5006

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